Gaming Despite the Heat — Top Tips for Hot days

Many gamers are physically fit, tanned and anything but couch potatoes. Online gaming can remain relevant in summer when one takes a few tips into account.

Creating shade for gaming enjoyment

The most important thing for gaming outdoors is good screen visibility. There are dedicated outdoor screens, but not everyone takes sunny conditions into account when purchasing hardware. For...

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The top 5 trends in gaming

No other industry is in such a powerful state of flux as the gaming industry: However, identifiable trends do characterise its development:

1. F2P remains dominant

A few years ago, free-to-play (F2P) usurped the traditional purchasing model. A game must no longer be bought and is free to download. Revenues are then generated in-game through additional modules, subscriptions or upgrades...

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Girl Power in the Gaming Industry

For a long time, video and computer games were considered solely the domain of men. However, this is definitively no longer the case: In contrast to a popularly believed prejudice, women are more than equal when it comes to gaming. They are also becoming increasingly important to the digital games industry.

This is confirmed by a study from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA)....

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