Branded gift cards overview

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What gift card payment methods are available?

United States ($USD):

  • CVS/Pharmacy gift cards purchased at a physical CVS Pharmacy location. Find a store.
  • Dollar General gift cards purchased at a physical Dollar General location. Find a store.
  • Obucks cards purchased from an authorized Obucks distributor. Find a store.
  • Circle K gift cards purchased at a physical Circle K location. Find a store.

Please note: Not all methods are available on all online shops, so we advise that you check the website you are purchasing from first (usually under “Cash and Gift Cards” or “More Options” button on the merchant checkout).

How do I pay with gift cards (i.e. CVS/Dollar General or Circle K)?

  1. Select "Cash and Gift Cards" from the online shop checkout and you’ll be redirected to paysafecard.
  2. Select a payment method such as CVS/Pharmacy, Dollar General or Circle K.
  3. Enter your gift card number and PIN when prompted.
  4. Please note: You may use up to 5 gift cards of the same brand to complete a purchase.

Can I use an e-gift card  (i.e. CVS, Dollar General, Circle K)?

No, we require that any CVS, Dollar General or Circle K cards are purchased from a physical store for each respective brand.

What happens if I paid with a gift card and I have balance remaining?

Any balance left over on your card(s) is yours to use. You can use it again on any online merchant that accepts that gift card as a form of payment or simply keep it and spend it at the retailer store.

Can I combine balances from multiple gift cards to make a payment?

As long as your cards are of the same brand, you may combine up to 5 cards to complete a transaction (i.e you cannot use a Dollar General card and CVS/Pharmacy card on the same transaction).

Where do I find the Terms of Use for the branded gift cards?

You can find more details on the Terms of Use for all available gift cards here: 
Terms of Use - branded Gift Cards

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