App of the Month: Among Us

Games 02.10.2020

Among Us is now out on PC (not free), Android and iOS (both free downloads). What is it? Why is it so successful and how can you become a better player? Here’s everything you need to know about the paysafecard app of the month Among Us.

What is Among Us?

The premise is fairly simple. You are a crew of four to ten players on a spaceship. Your objective is to get it up and running for departure. Finish off tasks to fill the group task bar and win, you can even chat to coordinate tasks and make them go smoother.

Easy, right?

There’s a catch though. One of the players is the impostor. The impostor’s goal is to kill the crew without anyone noticing or finding out their identity. Let the game of cat and mouse begin!

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Why is it so successful?

Seemingly overnight Among Us became a mega hit on the internet. Streamers and players alike fell in love with the simple premise and are hooked to the psychological game since. One of the factors of its success is the cross-platform play between PC, Android and iOS. That means there are a lot of players active all the time. Finding a game is easy.

Another reason: the simple graphics and controls. The low-key 2D aesthetic makes it run smoothly and less intimidating to get into. You won’t need a real gaming PC or the newest phone to take part.

It is very customizable and allows for chat, which makes interacting a breeze. This is also the reason it’s so popular amongst streamers. Just open a new room with a code and you can play with your friends or viewers.

Playing as the crew

In most cases you’ll be playing as part of the crew. It’s very important to be observant and communicate. You find a dead body? Immediately tell your fellow crew members. Begin a conversation about who the impostor might be, otherwise they will use the chaos to their advantage. Cameras on each player lets you keep tabs on everyone. If you see something suspicious, say it. As a team you can vote other players out. Just hope you did the right thing and found the impostor, instead of an innocent crewmate.

Don’t forget to fulfill your tasks! Those are little mini-games you need to complete. Only then you can fix the ship, beat the impostor and win the game.

Playing as the impostor

You’re the impostor? Rule number one: stay calm! Don’t show you are up to something. In order to win you need to kill crewmates and make it look like you’re innocent. You also need to stop the legitimate crew from fulfilling their tasks, otherwise the spaceship departs and you lose. Faking completing tasks is a great way to blend in, but beware of any bystanders.

Sabotage the other players and create chaos. That’s how you divide the crew and you can kill them off one by one, in the best case in a closed off room so nobody can see you. As the impostor you can also use the vents to quickly move about the spaceship. A game can have up to three imposters, so keep an eye out on fellow secret killers.

What about Among Us 2?

Bad news: Among Us 2 is cancelled! Good news: Instead, Among Us 1 is getting all planned content as a free update! You’re getting a new map, better servers, colour-blindness options, friends list and more. All in Among Us 1.