gamescom 2020 - All digital, all the hype

News 24.08.2020

So… yeah. Things are a little different this year, aren’t they? Maybe you had planned to meet up with your gamer buddies in Cologne like you do every year. Maybe you were already working on your kick ass cosplay or were looking forward to feeling the hype in the esports arena. Those plans are for the bin, unfortunately. BUT gamescom is still here from the 27th. to the 30th. of August. All digital this time. Here’s everything you can look forward to!

The big show: Opening Night Live

The one thing you should definitely mark on your calendar is the Opening Night Live on Thursday, the 27th. of August, 8pm - 10pm CEST. This is where the biggest news and new gameplay videos will drop. Geoff Keighley, the world’s most popular video game show host and creator of “The Game Awards” will present the biggest reveal show of the year.

But what will be shown? Most announcements are still secrets at this point, but we definitely know about the first game: DOOM Eternal - The Ancient Gods, Part One is going to kick off the show. It’s the first campaign expansion for DOOM Eternal and lets you fight in completely new places to restore balance in the universe after defeating the demons in the main game.

Other than that? Let’s take a look at some of the show’s partners. Microsoft is launching the new Xbox Series X console this fall. So a perfect time to announce and show some new stuff! The biggest rumour right now is the Xbox Series S. A cheaper model of the newest console without the disc drive and somewhat weaker hardware. Maybe we’ll finally get a price and a launch date. Xbox games could also be shown. Like Halo Infinite (which was just delayed into 2021) or the freshly announced new Fable game. Bethesda will open the show with DOOM, but how about the Elder Scrolls 6? We haven't seen or heard anything about the next epic RPG by the makers of Skyrim for two years. EA will surely show off the new FIFA and talk about all its next-gen features. Ubisoft always brings the games and this time it will be no different. Watch Dogs Legion is coming out at the end of October, the Viking adventure Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla follows suit on November 17th. Get ready for some new info.

What about the new Call of Duty? With no official info yet, all we can do is look at the rumours. “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” as it is called according to the leaks, is set to take place in South Korea and Vietnam. Besides the campaign you can look forward to the return of Zombies mode, the traditional multiplayer and the battle royale mode Warzone. Overwatch 2 could also take the stage in some form. Since Blizzcon 2020 was cancelled and its replacement is supposed to potentially take place in January 2021, Blizzard could use the virtual stage in Germany to finally show more of the sequel to its popular hero shooter.

Digital cosplay village

gamescom isn’t just about announcements, though, it’s also about community. So the digital cosplay village is attempting to generate that community feeling over the live stream this year. There will be panels, workshops, show acts and of course the big contest. 126 cosplayers from 20 different countries participated, here you can take a look at the 30 finalists and their super impressive work!

Indies, studio, daily shows and awards

Indie games are the stars of their very own show for the first time. “gamescom: Awesome Indies” will highlight these smaller games with big hearts and experimental ideas.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by all the gameplay, reveals, trailers and more, you can take a deep breath and watch the “gamescom: daily show”, in English or in German. Hosts will sum up all the highlights of each day.

You want to see everything yourself live on stream? Then “gamescom studio” is the way to go with an English and a German stream for you to choose from, each showing off demos, gameplay, interviews, news and more throughout the day.