It Takes Two - Everything you need to know!

Games 11.03.2021

Tired of endless Zoom calls? Have you finished every single Overcooked map and digital board games just aren’t cutting it anymore? Trying to stay connected with the people you love can be tough these days – even for us gamers. So we’re always glad for new titles that promise to do exactly that, help us overcome the distance and feel like we’re closer together.

It Takes Two by the award-winning indie game studio Hazelight is 100% a co-op game - meaning, you have to play it with someone else. Be it offline on the same couch or online over the internet; the screen is always split so you two can coordinate your movements in this action-adventure platformer.

Release and platforms

It Takes Two comes out on March 26 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (Origin, Steam). Nice: You only need to buy the game once in order to play it with a friend or partner. Read on to find out how.

Saving a relationship

Cody and May are constantly fighting as of late. With a looming divorce on the horizon, their daughter turns them into dolls with a magic spell. You and your co-op partner pick a character at the beginning and jump, fly, zip, swing, ride and fight your way through this adventure. Story and gameplay are intertwined, with plot events having a direct influence on the levels. For example, Cody let a nest of wasps move into one of the trees in their garden without telling May. As magic dolls, they have to help out the squirrels in the said tree to eliminate the wasps and get rid of the nest.

Every level offers something different

The plot is light-hearted and fun, just like the gameplay. The developers wanted for you and your co-op partner to have fun at all times, so they designed the gameplay to be genre-bending at all times. Meaning you’ll be playing a platformer in one minute, solving puzzles in the next, only to then equip a cartoonish weapon and fight enemies thereafter. Each player can use their own set of abilities, but you won’t be able to finish the challenges without co-operation and communication.

Friend’s Pass

So you want to play this game, great! But what about your co-op partner? Maybe they would love to play with you but just can’t spend the money right now. No problem! That’s what Friend’s Pass is for. As long as one of the players owns the game, the other one can be invited and play the entire game for free! There are some things to take into consideration, though.

You can play cross-gen, but not cross-platform. So, if Player 1 is on PS5 and Player 2 on PS4 for instance, you’re good to go. Same goes for Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. But not PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. Saves also work cross-gen. If Player 2 decides to buy the game themselves after being invited, the save will carry over to their game as well, meaning they don’t have to play all the stages again if they chose to do so. Although Friend's Pass itself is free, you’ll need to be subscribed to either PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold in order to play online. On Steam you can just use Remote Play Together, there is no need for a Friend's Pass there.