Outriders - Everything you need to know

Games 30.03.2021

Are you down for your new loot-shooter obsession? Outriders may be the perfect game for you. It comes out on April 1 for PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XBS/S and Stadia. There’s a demo you can download right now and get a feel for the gameplay. Let’s talk about the game right now.

What is Outriders?

Imagine Gears + Destiny and you get Outriders! The Polish development studio People Can Fly has worked on the Xbox exclusive shooter series Gears of War in the past, as well as the supremely fun Bulletstorm. They are known for fast-paced shooter gameplay, so they started work on their newest game Outriders some years ago. As the project went on, they realised the game was turning into something bigger than originally planned. They hired more people and ended up creating a huge original fantasy universe with different areas, a deep backstory and new mechanics for the studio, such as the loot aspect. The story is about humanity traveling space and discovering the planet Enoch. There, they encounter a mysterious energy called “The Anomaly”. Said mysterious energy grants them superpowers, which they will definitely need in order to defend themselves from the alien threats of the new planet.

How does it play?

Outriders is a third-person RPG co-op shooter. Meaning you see your character from behind (just like in Gears, for example), shoot your enemies with all sorts of weapons, level up and collect new and better loot while doing so. Whilst it may look like it relies heavily on staying in cover, the gameplay itself is more geared towards being aggressive. There are four character classes in the game, each with their unique abilities. The Trickster can manipulate time, the Devastator uses seismic attacks against their enemies, the Pyromancer attacks with fire and the Technomancer gadgets such as turrets. The world of the game is vast and full of hubs, factions, side quests and in-game surprises. And although it may look and feel a lot like games such as Destiny or The Division, the developers make it very clear that it’s not supposed to be a so-called “live game”. We’ll have to see what that means in particular, but you shouldn’t expect loads of new events popping up after release. On the plus side, that could also mean that the emphasis is not quite as much on the loot as it is in those other games.

Play together

Of course you can play Outriders on your own just fine from beginning to end. It is best played with up to three players online, however. That way, you can use each class's unique ability to flank your enemies, absorb the damage as the tank and eliminate even the biggest threats through teamwork. The best thing about multiplayer? It is entirely cross-play. Meaning it does not matter on what platform each member of your team plays; you can all squad up and fight your way through Enoch, regardless of platforms. Of course, keep in mind that for PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Xbox Series S/X you will need PS Plus and Xbox live Gold respectively. Speaking of Xbox, Outriders launches directly on Game Pass. So if you are subscribed to the service, you can download and play the game on day one without paying anything on top.