FIFA 21: Everything you need to know

Games 02.10.2020

Real football is back, so the virtual sport can't be left behind. FIFA 21 will be released on October 9th on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Versions for the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X are also already announced, you can find more information about it below.

But what exactly makes the new FIFA different? The biggest new feature last year was the mode VOLTA, the return of street football. For FIFA 21 the developers are focusing on the basics and improving the existing modes. Let's go through the changes and look at the biggest mode first.


In FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) you can put together your own dream team and win the biggest tournaments in the world. You'll need a bit of luck in drawing new players, tactical intuition, a keen eye on the transfer market, strategic use of rental players and more. You can't just jump right in, this is the mode for tacticians. With FIFA 21, more Co-Op options for FUT are coming your way. Together with a friend you can compete in Squad Battles, Division Rivals, FUT friendly matches and unlock bonuses. Since Squad Battles and Division Rivals are all about league points and coins, the developers have included balancing so that no player gets an unfair advantage. A microphone would of course be perfect for communication, but if you need to go without one, the FIFA-Trainer has been improved. It now shows the input of both players live, so you can coordinate your running routes for example. By the way, if you don't want to compete against Co-Op pairs, you can specify this in the options.

Your dream team also needs its own dream stadium. The new FUT Stadium assumes this task. You can adapt this arena, according to your preferences and thus enjoy the home advantage to the maximum. You can choose your own emblem, ball, jerseys, cheers, home choir, stadium theme, fan chants and the basic stadium colour. If you meet certain goals in FUT, your stadium will even grow, can hold more spectators and the atmosphere will be even better! New Icons have made it into the game. Icons are especially strong FUT players that enhance every team. With the new additions in FIFA 21 there are now exactly 100 icons you can collect. Newcomers are Xavi, Philipp Lahm, "The King" Eric Cantona and more. To make everything run faster and smoother, interruptions have also been reduced. This means shorter goal celebrations, fewer repetitions and faster menus.

What’s new in VOLTA?

Together with other players or alone you can climb Divisions and Ranks. Time-limited events bring you battle points, which you can use to unlock VOLTA coins and more. In special games you can even win club jerseys as a reward.

You haven't quite dared to approach VOLTA yet? No problem, the new story "The Debut featuring Kaká" will help you get on your feet. In this 2-3-hour-long storyline you'll learn the basics of street football, visit the five new locations São Paulo, Paris, Sydney, Dubai and Milan, develop your own avatar and more.

Convenient: All games in all VOLTA modes help you to improve your avatar. Progress is therefore guaranteed.

What’s new on the green?

What is equally new in all modes, are the changes to the gameplay. With the new Agile Dribbling, you can quickly move the ball between your feet to trick defenders and clear a path for you to score. And with the new Creative Runs, you can send your AI partners in a particular direction to plan the perfect pass through the opponent's defence.

About the AI. It now reflects the personality of each player even better through the Positioning Personality. Offensive and defensive players behave differently depending on the situation and position themselves accordingly.

Headers have been strengthened, so with the right timing and positional play you can now score more goals than in FIFA 20. Defensive, blocking, passing and animations have also been improved for faster and smoother gameplay.

FIFA 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X

The new consoles will be released soon, so what will happen with FIFA 21? Don't sweat it. Just get your desired version at launch and start your FUT career on the current console generation immediately.

You can then continue on the new console (PS4 to PS5, Xbox One S/X to Xbox Series S/X) exactly where you left off with a free upgrade.