paysafecard group achieve record results: 30 percent growth in 2011

Vienna/London, 8th March 2012 –paysafecard group, Europe’s leading prepaid payment provider, achieved record results in 2011 whilst continuing their international expansion. A massive increase in transactions made with the company’s main product paysafecard means that the market leaders topped their previous record set in 2010 by 30 percent; the number of transactions rose from 35m to 45m. With the introduction of paysafecard to more markets and the acquisition of the Dutch payment provider Wallie, paysafecard group’s global expansion continued in 2011.

Last year, paysafecard group saw a strong growth in their European core markets as well as in Latin America and the US. In addition, the number of countries in which the company operates was raised to 28 worldwide. The prepaid voucher has become a widely accepted means of payment for online games, virtual goods, Internet telephony and other services. paysafecard vouchers are currently available at 350,000 outlets and can be used at 3,500 online shops. 

Michael Mueller, CEO of paysafecard group, said: “Our tremendous success in 2011 shows that our products are a popular alternative to credit cards and other means of payment when it comes to online purchases. Especially when paying online, more and more people are reluctant to give away their bank account details or personal data. What they are looking for is an easy, fast and secure payment method – and that’s exactly what we offer.” 

Additional growth through acquisition of Wallie

paysafecard group also expanded their business in 2011 with the friendly takeover of Dutch payment provider Wallie. It was the first time in the history of the company that it pushed its growths through a takeover. Online shops that previously accepted Wallie vouchers as a means of payment now accept paysafecard vouchers. 

Launch of YUNA card in France

paysafecard group introduced their YUNA card in France last year. This unique prepaid card can be topped up via online banking or via paysafecard. YUNA gives consumers who want to control their expenses with a prepaid solution or who don’t have a bank account access to more than 29 million outlets in 210 countries – wherever Mastercard is accepted.

New website and payment windows for smartphone users

paysafecard group also launched a mobile version of their website as well as a payment window for smartphones. Both services are specially designed for the increasing number of smartphone users who want to browse paysafecard’s website or want to pay for their online games or other purchases with paysafecard vouchers.

Outlook on 2012: New merchants, new markets and an additional service

“Our goal for 2012 is to strengthen our core markets, but we are also continuing our international expansion”, explained Michael Mueller. “We are in contact with various new merchants that are interested in our products. Following the success of “my paysafecard” in Germany – a new service that allows users to overview their PINs and transactions – we are now looking into options on how it can be introduced to other markets.”


About paysafecard group: The paysafecard group, founded in 2000 in Austria and Germany, operate in 28 countries worldwide with offices in Vienna, London, Lucerne, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and New York. With their successful online prepaid vouchers, the paysafecard group have established themselves as Europe’s leading provider of prepaid payment solutions. In 2009 the group won awards for being the ‘Leading Prepaid Organization’ and the ‘Best Prepaid Company outside USA'. For more information, please visit www.paysafecardgroup.com