Resident Evil 8: Village - Everything you need to know

Games 10/05/2021

Resident Evil 8: Village - Everything you need to know! Capcom’s legendary horror series is coming back with another mainline game. But hold on, what’s the story about? Is there multiplayer? And how tall is that meme lady? Let’s answer all of these questions and more!

When is it coming out?

Resident Evil 8: Village is coming out on May 7 for PS4, PS5, XBO, XBS S/X, PC and Stadia. Little side note, the name can be a bit confusing. Some call the game just Village, which may sound like a spin-off. That is not the case, it’s the tenth major installment in the series (yes, tenth).

What is it about?

Some years after the events of Resident Evil 7, the main protagonist Ethan Winters is living the perfect #familylife with his daughter and wife, when series superstar Chris Redfield knocks on the door and kidnaps him to some European village (just like the title!) in order to save his daughter.

The series is going back to a setting reminiscent of Resident Evil 4, but is adding some classic horror movie elements to the mix: werewolves and vampires. Sorry Ethan, but this trip will most likely not be a relaxing self care holiday in some romantic Eastern-European village.

Ok, let’s talk about the meme lady

We know you know what we’re talking about. Lady Dimitrescu is one of the main antagonists of Resident Evil 8 and took the internet by storm! Shortly after her reveal fans started flooding social media with fanart, memes and cosplays. Why? First of all: she’s tall! 2.90 meters tall, to be exact (the developers actually posted this, so you know things are getting pretty serious). There’s also a certain classiness to how she’s dressing, talking and moving, which isn’t typical video game enemy design. Can gamers fight against and defeat their beloved Lady Dimitrescu? We will find out!

What’s the gameplay like?

Back to the first-person perspective of Resident Evil 7! Another comeback: the inventory system of Resident Evil 4. You have to manage your weapons, ammunition and healing items in a briefcase with limited space. Combine herbs to craft first aid med and upgrade your weapons with the help of the merchant… "what're ya buyin?".

But there’s another new gameplay mechanic: cooking! You can hunt animals in the village and cook them for buffs during combat.

Mercenaries is back!

Once you finish the main campaign you’ll get access to the Mercenaries mode. Series veterans know that Mercenaries is all about fighting our way through levels full of enemies with a certain set of rules. There are combos, weapon bonuses, abilities and countdowns to add more arcade elements to the gameplay. This is the first time Mercenaries will be played in first-person!

Is there multiplayer?

Yes and no. If you purchase Resident Evil 8 you get Re: Verse for free. This multiplayer game is available as beta for some months now and is a bit of a playable celebration of 25 years of Resident Evil. At its core, it’s a Deathmatch shooter, the person with the most points wins. The twist: Once you die, you will turn into a bioweapon. That can be a very boring zombie or a Nemesis-T Type bioweapon with a lot of power and strong attacks.