What should I do if my paysafecard has been used in an unauthorized online shop?

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If you suspect your paysafecard has been used in an unauthorized online shop, please report this incident to your local authorities. We’ll provide the police with any information they need as soon as we receive a request from them.

paysafecard can’t be held responsible for such misuse, as per our Terms & Conditions you should use only authorized online shops for your payments.

Below you’ll find some tips on how to recognize legitimate online shops:

  • The web address of the payment window starts with
  • The security certificate was issued to <>. You can check that by clicking on the padlock symbol next to or in the input bar of your browser.

If you’re unsure whether a website is trustworthy, please contact us via the available channel below before you make your payment.

You can find more information on security issues relating to paysafecard here.

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