App of the month: Candy Crush Friends Saga

App of the month: Candy Crush Friends Saga
Games 08.10.2018

Have you played Candy Crush? Of course, who hasn't! Millions of gamers link up three or more candies every day and collect points in the match-3 game. Now there's the new Candy Crush Friends Saga. What's new? What's different? Why mobile gamers should absolutely download Candy Crush Friends Saga? Find all the information here!

New friends

The game starts with a great rescue operation, to rediscover Candy Crush friends scattered across the Candy Kingdom. You get help in this from new characters with super-powers! If one collects enough red jellybeans, for example, Tiffi spreads jelly fish across the game board. These then liberate trapped candies and help to level up. There are also often gifts with stickers hidden on the game board. If you collect enough of the stickers, new costumes and friends with their own special abilities such as the Yeti are unlocked.

New goals

In Candy Crush Saga, the objective is still to link candies and create combos. This creates a firework of effects on the display and the high score keeps growing! For the new goals, biscuits need to be dunked in chocolate or sometimes animals who are trapped on the game board need to be rescued.

New effects

This is of course achieved by linking at least three candies. Even better is linking four or more candies. This creates special candies which make several rows disappear at once. This propels the high score higher and higher - and the Sugar Crush at the end of each level has particularly impressive effects!

New gaming world

Between the hundreds of levels, one is now wandering through the sugary 3D world. Candy Crush never looked better: Liquorice pieces, biscuits, gleaming lemon sweets, lollipops, jelly fish and more. All this makes the candy game even more fun. Even in the later levels, where the challenge steadily increases. Fortunately, there is the daily logon bonus, which helps out with presents.

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