Game of the Month: Fall Guys

Games 07-09-2020

In 2016 it was all about Pokémon GO. 2017 PUBG entered the stage and suddenly everything was battle royale. 2020, as weird of a year it is for many reasons, has found its very own defining game: Fall Guys.

Fall Guys - What is it?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (everyone just calls it Fall Guys though) is available on PC and PS4 and is a battle royale game. But hold on! It’s not a shooter like Fortnite, PUBG or Call of Duty: Warzone. Instead, it’s a platformer.

Quick history lesson. We’re showing our age here, but do you remember the crazy Japanese TV show Takeshi’s Castle? Contestants would have to overcome a ridiculously bizarre obstacle course with different traps, costumes and characters. That’s what Fall Guys is. As a video game.

How does it work?

60 players compete in TV show style rounds against each other. A round consists of an obstacle course or a mini-game. Sometimes players are divided into teams, so there’s some teamwork going on. The goal is to qualify for the next round by running, walking, grabbing and jumping. The ultimate goal, of course, is to be the last player standing.

If you win, you get Crowns. Those are the premium currency of this game, with which you can unlock emotes and costumes. But even if you don’t win, you still get Kudos, a different form of currency, you can use to unlock content.

Why is it so successful?

If you’re *at all* on social media, YouTube or Twitch, you will have seen Fall Guys. It seems to be EVERYWHERE. The number one reason for its success: It’s a battle royale game everyone can enjoy! Games like Fortnite or PUBG tend to cater to a more high-skilled audience. The better, faster, more precise your aim is, the better you’ll perform. Some of those games have transformed into huge eSports games with giant prize pools, marketing deals and more.

Fall Guys on the other hand is just a fun game everyone can play first and foremost. Imagine if Mario Party had a battle royale mode, that’s what it feels like. There is some skill involved (more tips on how to win later), but it’s not skill focused.

Other than that it’s cute as heck! Just look at those jelly beans wobbling about in their cute costumes! No wonder it’s so popular with kids, they can watch it just like they would a TV show.

Season 2

Season 2 rolls out in October and introduces new levels, new costumes and a new theme: the medieval ages. So get ready for some knights, dragons, wizards and more! Take a look at the trailer to see some of the new additions to the game.

How to win!

The truth is, you won’t win every round of Fall Guys. It’s chaotic, fun and can be random. So don’t take it too seriously, but there are still ways to up your chances. The most important tip is pretty simple: play the game. A lot. There are currently 25 different rounds in the game. Knowing every round, being familiar with each goal, mini-game and obstacle course is your best bet for obtaining those valuable Crowns.

How to get it

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