Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) - Everything you need to know!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) - Everything you need to know! Games 15.11.2019

Don’t let the title trick you, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the newest game in the hit franchise coming out on the 25th of October for PC, Xbox One and PS4. It is neither Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or Modern Warfare Remastered. It’s a completely new game with a new story, new features and new characters. Let’s dive right in!

The campaign will challenge your beliefs

Call of Duty never shied away from controversy. The mission “No Russian” from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 might be the most memorable video game mission of all time. And yet the developers have promised to reach the same level of intensity and shock with the campaign for the newest game in the best selling franchise. You’ll be sent on a voyage all around the world to secure stolen chemical weapons and try to stop WWIII. In typical CoD-style you’ll take on the role of multiple playable characters in blockbuster-worthy missions. New faces such as Commander Farah Karim, the head of a militia fighting for their freedom, await you. As well as known franchise staples like the charismatic Captain John Price. While the story itself is still a secret, the developers have promised a plot that challenges your beliefs in what is right and wrong. Whatever they’ve been cooking up over the last couple of years, we’re sure it will be as controversial as it will be spectacular.

Multiplayer at its best

One might argue that it wasn’t the campaign that made Call of Duty the video game juggernaut that it is today. But instead the endlessly fun multiplayer with its progression and addictive killstreaks, that changed the genre of FPS games forever. The new Modern Warfare does not disappoint in that regard. Compared to other games in the genre such as Battlefield, CoD has always been known for its faster pace and kill rate. The mode Gunfgiht takes this to the next level with its close-quarters matches for teams of two. Prepare to cooperate and be ready to shoot. The traditional Multiplayer that started it all is also here, of course. Two teams of six battle it out on well-beloved classics and completely new maps. In Night Vision you’ll fight in pitch black darkness, only your night vision camera can help you to find your enemies. If you prefer huge, epic battles than Ground War is the multiplayer mode for you. Featuring some of the franchises largest multiplayer maps ever. No matter the mode you play, you’ll always collect experience points and unlock new ways to customize your loadout. Find your favourite weapon, get that killstreak going and dominate the battlefield!

Special Ops is back!

Remember the mode Special Ops? One of the series’ most-beloved game modes is back and offers the biggest and best Call of Duty co-op action to date! There are two cornerstone activities here. Operations pits four players together to fulfill multi-staged objectives on a wide variety of maps. In addition to vehicles such as tanks, helicopters and ATVs, you’ll also be able to work towards unleashing your favourite killstreak abilities. You can either go silently about your business or use brute force. No matter what you do, always keep an eye on your teammates and be ready to revive them in the heat of battle. If you’re looking for a tighter experience focused on fewer aspects of the CoD universe, then Missions are the way to go. For one to up to four players, these replayable missions will give you a ranking based on your performance. Test your skills in all things weapon proficiency, killstreaks and more. You can take your multiplayer loadout into Spec Ops and progress across the different modes. For Spec Ops specifically you’ll need to pick a role like Medic or Engineer before the match starts and stick to it. Support your teammates with your unique perk and field upgrade. Special Ops Survival is an additional mode, exclusive to the PS4 until the 1st of October 2020. You and three friends need to survive horde after horde of enemies on three unique maps. The enemies get stronger with each wave, so buckle up.

Yes to Cross-Play, no to Loot Boxes

Good news, everyone! For the first time, CoD: Modern Warfare will feature cross-play! That means gamers on PC, Xbox One and PS4 can play together. You can customize the degree of cross-play in the options, if, for instance, you don’t want to play against PC as a console player. You can deactivate cross-play altogether too, if you so chose.

And even more good news: There will be no loot boxes! No random loot! Instead, there will be a Battle Pass akin to the one in Fortnite and other games. So you’ll be able to unlock everything in-game and don’t need to roll the dice to get the weapon or the skin you want

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