Your schedule for Valentine’s Day

Games 10.02.2021

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day 2021 is just around the corner, but can love survive under these extreme circumstances? Yes, it can! We have come up with the PERFECT video game schedule for a Valentine’s Day date! It’s scientifically sound, we will provide sources… at some point. Anyway, let’s get into the right mood *feel free to press play on that love songs playlist of yours right now* and make this date as special as possible.

Let’s build our own world in Minecraft

The world outside is scary and dangerous? No problem, you and your date can just escape into a completely new world in Minecraft. It’s also the perfect opportunity to find out more about them. What do they want to do? Do they prefer to build beautiful buildings and architecture with no added pressure or do they want to live the thrill of surviving scary nights filled with monsters? And let’s make this clear, if you two can survive the Nether together, they could be a keeper. So, destroy the blocks between you two and get this date going.

Cook a nice meal in Overcooked 2

Cooking as a couple can be either relaxing and enjoyable or the WORST THING IN THE WORLD. Overcooked 2 is the perfect opportunity to see how your partner-to-be reacts to the stressful environment of the kitchen. Connect with the online multiplayer and start creating fancy dishes together. This is the perfect time to talk about each other’s food preference too. Do you both like Indian food? How spicy? Sushi, yes or no? Oh, hold on, the kitchen is on fire! Get the fire extinguisher!

Live your best life together in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Time to relax after all that cooking action. Pick an island, take the plane and go on a lovely date doing… whatever you feel like doing. You could go for a healthy fishing competition, hit the stores for some nice clothes (how about fitting couple outfits!), or completely re-decorate the entire island! This is a perfect opportunity to find out more about each other. Take a trip to the museum and talk about your favourite dinosaurs! (If they don’t have a favourite dinosaur… that’s a bad sign.)

Sabotage tasks, not hearts, in Among Us

Do you really know a person until you’ve played Among Us with them? How good of a liar are they? Find out how they think and observe their behaviour in this murderous party game. Better yet: tweak the setting so there are two impostors. If you two happen to be the impostors you can test out your non-verbal communication skills. If you can sabotage the crew, murder everyone and lie your way through the game, it’s love for life!

Go for the duos win in Fortnite

Let’s finish off date night with a win! Jump into duos and have each others’ back in the Battle Royale game. Fortnite is the perfect game to see how you two can work together as a team. Share weapons and ammunition, be on the lookout for opponents and always stay calm. Communication is key! Call out every suspicious movement, coordinate your strategy and stay together. Also, show off your favourite skins and dance moves to each other!