Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 - Everything you need to know

Games 10.08.2020

Call of Duty’s massively popular Battle Royale enters Season 5. You don’t want to waste your time and jump right into Verdansk? We’re here to tell you everything you need to know.

What is Call of Duty: Warzone?

Warzone is a free multiplayer mode on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. If you own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it is already available as a multiplayer option in your game. Otherwise, you can just download a separate client for Warzone in the respective store.

At this point, most gamers have played or at least heard of the Battle Royale principle. In the case of Warzone, 150 players in trios of three land on the map and try to survive the longest. The last team standing wins.

There’s only one map available in Warzone called Verdansk. Call of Duty veterans will recognise lots of specific locations straight out of the main FPS series. Once you land, your priority number one is to get weapons, armor, ammunition and your favourite scope. But you must be able to adapt. Depending on where you land and which weapons you find, you should be able to change your strategy on the fly. Battle Royale can be utter chaos or a master class in tactics, that’s why it’s so much fun.

What is new in Season 5?

The map is changing! Season 5 blows off the roof of the football stadium (Verdansk Stadium) and opens a new mega structure for heated gunfights and more. If you were used to land on the roof to snipe down your enemies with high-precision shots, you’ll now have to change to close-to-mid range instead.

Also, newly open for business now is the Verdanks Train Station. Be ready for some tight fire fights with its many shops and other indoor locations.

Fancy a new *moving* location? The freight train rolls through in the southwestern part of Verdanks in a constant loop. Its massive scale can be used both for protection, but also for attacks. Cover yourself or look for confrontation on its roof. While. The. Train. Is. Moving.

Getting frustrated by snipers camping in tall buildings? No worries. Now you can just zip line to the top by using new specifically located exterior ascenders. Surprise a sniper with this move and gain the upper hand in battle.

New mode

Battle Royale is fun, but it can take some time to finish a round. Why not experience the thrill of the popular mode in a new, faster way? That’s what the new mode Mini Royale is for. Fewer players and less time. Only the first and last five minutes of a regular Battle Royale match are being played here, meaning more chaos, higher risk plays and increased pace.

Battle Pass

Warzone is free. To get the most out of it and unlock lots of skins and more in-game items, you can decide to get the Battle Pass with real money. Once purchased, you’ll unlock new items by playing the game and leveling up.

Whilst this is what we know so far about Season 5, there could always be more changes, content and surprise events during the season. So, keep your eyes peeled and get ready to drop onto the island with your team!

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