What is paysafecard and how does it work?

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Paysafecard is a prepaid voucher payment method that lets you pay online with cash. Our vouchers have many benefits, like minimizing the personal information you share online since you don't need a bank account or other payment methods to make your purchase.

How can I pay with paysafecard?

Depending on your region, you can buy paysafecard PINs in stores or online from authorized retailers. Once you've bought a PIN, you can use it at any of our partner online stores.

How can I buy a paysafecard PIN?

  1. Find a sales point near you using our sales outlet finder and buy a PIN for the amount you want. You can also get a PIN from one of our authorized online retailers. Both our physical and online PINs are country-specific, so you can only use them in the country where you bought them. 

  2. Pay with cash or with your credit or debit card at the checkout. If the sellers don't know about paysafecard, show them our sales guide. If you buy your PIN online, you can pay with various methods like a bank card, PayPal, and more. The available payment methods depend on your region. 

  3. Use your paysafecard PIN at your chosen online store by selecting paysafecard as the payment method. You can pay with the 16-digit PIN printed on your voucher or, if supported in your region, load your PIN onto myPaysafe and use your login details to pay.

Which online stores accept paysafecard?

We work with over a thousand online stores in areas like gambling, sports betting, music, entertainment, and more. To see which stores partner with us, check their payment page. You'll find the main online stores here.

When does a paysafecard PIN expire?

Paysafecard PINs don't expire. However, starting 30 days after purchase, a monthly service fee is deducted from the available balance on the voucher.

What are your fees and limits?

The fees and limits for our products vary by region. For more information, check this page.

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