Ghost of Tsushima Review - Everything you need to know

Games 06/07-2020

Ghost of Tsushima is the next big PS4 exclusive game coming out on July 17th. The developers Sucker Punch have worked on the superhero / villain series Infamous before and are now venturing into the mystical land of Japan. Let’s dive in, here’s everything you need to know!

Ghost of Tsushima - What is it about?

It’s the year 1274. The Mongol Empire is set to conquer Japan. In its way stands only Tsushima, the (fictional) island and setting for the epic open world action-adventure. You play as Jin Sakai, a samurai warrior, whose clan was almost completely eradicated by the first wave of the Mongol invasion.

The enemy has taken over huge parts of the island. Jin’s traditional fighting style doesn’t do much against the advanced Mongol weaponry and strategy. So he has to learn the way of the Ghost, stealthily striking fear in the minds of the invaders to save his homeland and his people.

How does it play?

Ghost of Tsushima is a story-focused open world action-adventure. Meaning it is very much about Jin’s personal transformation from the traditional warrior to the feared Ghost. Always on his side is his trusted Katana sword, with which he can kill enemies with just one perfectly timed strike. The developers wanted to stay true to the prowess of this traditional weapon, so one-strike kills are possible even on the highest difficulty. As long as you can pull off that perfect timing, that is. Other than that Jin can use a bow for long-range attacks, kunai and smoke bombs to distract enemies. The huge open world can be travelled on foot and on horseback. Your best friend navigating the island is the wind itself. Upon pressing a button, the wind will show you the direction of your next goal, may it be the main quest or side quests to further explore the characters and the world of Ghost of Tsushima. Once you find and pray at shrines you can also fast travel to them, if you want to.

Collecting resources enables you to craft and improve your armour or make weapons better. A particularly interesting collectable are flowers. These allow you to change the colour of your equipped armour, giving you a great option to adapt Jin’s appearance to your liking.

By completing quests or killing enemies you unlock new abilities on a skill tree, depending on your preferred fighting style. Charms further let you experiment with the combat system. One charm lets you regain some of your health by using smoke bombs for instance.

Is there multiplayer?

No, Ghost of Tsushima is a single player experience through and through.

How long does it take to finish Ghost of Tsushima?

That’s always a tricky question when it comes to open world games. Depending on how many side quests you want to do and how much into freely exploring a game world you are, it can take up to 30-50 hours to complete.