Protect access to my paysafecard with 2-step verification

With the 2-step login, in addition to your my paysafecard password, you also enter an additional authentication code that you generate with the free Google Authenticator app. This provides twofold protection against unauthorized access to my paysafecard.

This is how the 2-step login works:

  1. Install the app

    Install the app

    Install the "Google Authenticator" app on your smartphone.

  2. Pair my paysafecard Pair my paysafecard

    Pair my paysafecard with Google Authenticator.

  3. Enter the code

    Enter the code

    For future logins to my paysafecard, besides your password, you also enter the additional authentication code.

Start the 2-step login

Click My details in my paysafecard. Under 2-step login, change your status to Protected. Instructions will appear that will guide you through the activation process.