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How to use paysafecard?

It’s never been easier and more secure to pay online.

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It has never been simpler to pay online in cash

  • 1

    Go to a sales outlet near you

  • 2

    Choose the paysafecard with the amount that’s right for you

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    Pay online, wherever you see the paysafecard logo

There are two ways to pay online with paysafecard:

Without registration

  • You only need your 16-digit PIN to pay
  • We do not use any personal data
  • Without bank account and credit card

Max. amount per transaction: up to $300 *

With some online shops, registration may be necessary for all transactions.

Find a sales outlet

*Please see Terms and Conditions for details

With registration

Register for free and within a couple of minutes.

  • Pay simply with your login details
  • Manage your online payment
  • More features with the paysafecard app

Max. amount per transaction: up to $ 300 *

Sign up

*Please see Terms and Conditions for details

paysafecard voucher

Pay with several paysafecard prepaid codes

Do you want to use up the remaining credit on several paysafecards? Just enter several paysafecards after each other during payment, to add them together. Remaining credits can thereby also be used optimally.