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According to current studies, around 19% of people worldwide over the age of 15 have no credit card. And around 60% do not even have a bank account. Even when they have a credit card, many consumers do not use it on the internet, because they have security concerns and are afraid of possible misuse of their sensitive data. paysafecard sweeps these concerns aside and makes it possible for online shops from sectors like gaming and e-commerce to reach these affluent consumers and achieve additional online turnover.1

1Source: (year 2017)



The benefits of payments with paysafecard:

  • 1

    Additional turnover

    Generate additional turnover from new customer segments which you have up to now been unable to reach with other payment methods.

  • 2

    High acceptance

    paysafecard is one of the global market leaders and an award-winning provider of online prepaid payment solutions.

  • 3

    Easy integration

    Integrate paysafecard either directly or through a verified Payment Service Provider in just a few steps.


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About paysafecard

paysafecard is part of the Paysafe Group and one of the global market leaders for online prepaid payment methods. With paysafecard, customers can pay online as easily and securely as with cash. paysafecard is the perfect solution for people who value data protection and security, want to control their spending or have no bank or credit card.

paysafecard is simple to use:

  • Find

    A customer finds the nearest sales outlet using the search function.

  • Buy

    The customer buys a paysafecard prepaid code for the desired amount.

  • Pay

    Using the 16-digit code, the customer can now pay very easily in thousands of online shops.

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