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With the acquisition of Openbucks Corp., paysafecard has expanded its portfolio of prepaid solutions in the USA. Online merchants are able to win even more cash customers by accepting popular gift cards from Circle K, CVS/pharmacy and Dollar General with their existing paysafecard integration. The distribution network in the USA now includes over 70,000 points of sales, making it the largest online cash network in the country. Just one of the reasons why especially games merchants should now integrate paysafecard into their US checkout.

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Gift Cards: Extended access to cash-based consumers

Retail branded gift cards offer a huge potential for online merchants to win new customers. Don’t miss the opportunity to get access to cash-oriented customers and extend your payment-mix with well-known gift cards.



cash payers among customers

Almost all Americans shop at Circle K, CVS/pharmacy or Dollar General. Dollar General is particularly known for offering products for day-to-day requirements, from food to cleaning, right up to beauty at great prices. Thus, the brand specifically appeals to consumer groups with low household income, who want to pay cash and choose gift cards as an alternative to credit cards. The figures recorded by Dollar General also suggest that 60 percent of its 100 million unique annual customers are cash payers.



live within 5 miles of a Dollar General store

Dollar General has taken an unrivaled expansion course since 2019. Nearly 20 shops are opened every week, growing the extensive network to more than 17,000 points of sale. Thus, the Tennessee-based company has become one of the biggest retailers by store count, even passing McDonald’s or Walmart. Three-quarters of all Americans currently live within 5 miles of a Dollar General store. Due to their economic environment, the company’s core target audience prefer to pay with cash.


$ 0,00

consumer surcharges at POS

Customers buying Circle K, CVS/pharmacy or Dollar General gift cards have many advantages. The gift card is topped up with the selected amount and no additional fees are deducted or incurred. Loaded funds do not expire. Gift cards have high limits, i.e. Dollar General Gift Cards can be topped up with up to USD 2,000 per day. They are a simple, secure and flexible option for many customers to shop online, even without a credit card.

More cash-options & retail boost

Through the integration of the popular gift cards from Circle K, CVS/pharmacy and Dollar General, paysafecard provides customers with additional prepaid payment options. The distribution network in the US is comprised of almost 70,000 branches, including CVS and Dollar General stores as well as other points of sale where a paysafecard can be purchased.

  • America's neighborhood general store

    + 17,000 stores

    Dollar General runs more than 17,000 stores in 46 states. The company with over 140,000 employees delivers everyday low prices on multiple items including food, snacks,health and beauty aids, cleaning supplies, basic apparel, housewares and much more.

  • The largest pharmacy chain in the US

    + 10,000 stores

    CVS/pharmacy is an American healthcare company. It sells prescription drugs and a wide assortment of general merchandise, including over-the-counter drugs, beauty products, photo finishing services, seasonal merchandise and convenience foods in close to 10,000 retail stores.

  • World's preferred destination for convenience and fuel

    + 5,400 stores

    Over the past 60 years, Circle K has become one of the most widely recognized convenience store brands in the US, operating a network of more than 5,400 convenience stores and gas stations.

  • An impressive existing POS network

    + 40,000 stores

    paysafecard can already be purchased throughout the US in more than 40,000 pharmacies, convenience stores, mobile shops and mini markets. More points of sale will be added soon.

Simple integration

Offering paysafecard vouchers, as well as as well as Circle K, CVS/pharmacy and Dollar General gift cards at your checkout is very simple. If you would like to unlock the great potential of prepaid and gift cards in the US, your Account Manager will gladly assist you.

  • Contact Account Manager

    Contact your Account Manager. He or she will guide you through the contractual steps and activation process.

  • Activate the US

    paysafecard merchants who already activated the USA benefit from the gift cards right after a few adaptations. Those who do not yet offer paysafecard in the US, need to integrate the paysafecard interface.


  • Add incremental revenues

    The integration of the popular gift cards from Circle K, CVS/pharmacy and Dollar General will contribute to the growth of your revenues in the USA.

Cash as an asset

Cash continues to play a major role in the USA where almost a quarter of all households still have no bank account or only have limited access to it. In particular gift cards are a popular payment method for online purchases in the USA.

  • 60 M

    cash focused consumers

    Americans love cash. This is partly due to the high sense of security that cash gives them. 69 percent of US citizens indicated in a Gallup poll that it would be a nightmare for them if their credit card data were stolen by hackers1. A major consumer group therefore prefers to use prepaid solutions online. This is also documented by current figures of Openbucks: 39% of users use prepaid because they do not own a credit card and nearly a quarter because they have security concerns about other payment methods2. The advantage of this for merchants: Prepaid does not cannibalize any other payment method.

  • 63 M

    un(der)banked Americans

    The surveys of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) regularly document how much potential prepaid solutions have for games merchants in the USA. 32.5 million US households are unbanked or underbanked3, so they have no or only limited access to a bank account. Even more interesting for the games sector: 18.5% of all under-35s also belong to this group. All in all this amounts to 90 million Americans who cannot or do not want to pay online with a credit card, with 50 million in the 15-24 age group2. For them, vouchers or gift cards are the ideal offer at the checkout.

  • 42 M

    teenagers with a budget

    Cash-based payment methods particularly appeal to US teenagers. Each of the nearly 28 million young people in the 14-19 age group spend almost 10,000 dollars annually4 – much of that online or via smartphone. If this group of digital natives is expanded to include those aged between 10 and 14, there are a whopping 42 million consumers who spend around 2,600 dollars per year and per capita. Regardless of the target audience, there are no chargebacks with paysafecard and the gift cards. It’s prepaid and guaranteed by the retailer.

1Source: Statista/Gallup 2014; 2Source: Openbucks PWGC Overview 2019; 3Source: 2017 FDIC National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households; 4Source: The Piper Sandler Taking Stock With Teens® survey



The world's most profitable games market

After China, the USA is the second-largest games market in the world. Nowhere is the percentage rate of gamers per capita higher and nowhere else in the world is a higher percentage rate of these gamers also willing to pay for game content.


$ 37 B


According to "Newzoo Games Report", the revenues from computer games in the USA will break the 40 billion dollar limit next year1. This means a 25% share of the total market for computer games and a growth rate of 8% per year. By 2023, this value will increase even further to 46 billion. By comparison, Germany ranks in 5th place and across all of Europe, only 25 billion dollars in revenue are generated with a total of 224 million gamers.


117 M


There are currently 190 million gamers in North America. 117 million of these pay for games or in-game purchases. Far more than half of all gamers in the USA therefore belong to the core target group for online payment services. Furthermore, a quarter of US gamers are "eSports enthusiasts" (22.1 million) or "occasional viewers" (31.1 million)1, for whom paysafecard is already a known brand. This fits with the fact that nearly half of all US gamers are under the age of 35. They account for more than half of those who also pay for game content.


70 %

like gift cards

According to the "Turning Players into Payers" study (Newzoo), the figures for the attitude towards prepaid/gift cards in the USA are the second best of all payment methods. 70% of under-29s indicated that they have a positive view of prepaid2. The figures for Mastercard (53%), Visa Checkout (53%) and Apple Pay (41%) were significantly worse. In addition to this, nearly one-third (27%) of all gamers indicated that having a gift card is one of the main reasons for them to make an in-game purchase. The third highest value of all reasons indicated.


1Source: 2020 Newzoo Global Games Market Report / Newzoo Analytics Platform; 2Source: 2018 Newzoo What Turns Players into Payers Survey

  • The activation of the gift cards is subject to an addendum to your paysafecard agreement. On the technical side, the acceptance of the U.S. gift cards is available through the paysafecard API, thus no additional API integration is necessary.

    Upon completion of the contract addendum, the gift cards will be activated on your existing USD MID and displayed as additional cards on the paysafecard payment panel.

    On your end, changes will need to be made to the checkout page to display and present the additional payment options to your customer base. paysafecard offers a variety of options to present all cards and improve conversion rates. Please find more details here.

    Please contact your account manager for further guidance and next steps.

  • If you are an existing paysafecard merchant not yet transacting in the USA, you will need to implement it as any new/additional country. This is subject to your internal procedures. In case you do not yet have a USD MID (merchant ID), this will be opened during the process.

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