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Integrating paysafecard is easy

Integrate paysafecard directly or through a verified Payment Service Provider.
paysafecard will lead you step by step through the technical part of the integration. After completing the implementation, the Business Service Centre remains available at any time for administration of IP addresses and access data as well as for the production system and for tests.

Integrate paysafecard directly

The technical implementation of paysafecard as a method of payment in carried out directly with our paysafecard Service Center. The integration only needs a few steps, which you can find more about here. The technical support team is there for you during the entire integration process.

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Integrate paysafecard through a Payment Service Provider

You can also integrate paysafecard indirectly through a verified Payment Service Provider (PSP).

This saves the technical work and the integration test in the test system. Only a final acceptance test in required (carried out by paysafecard).

Our verified PSPs

Integrate paysafecard through shop plug-ins

If you would like to integrate paysafecard through a plug-in, just chose the relevant shop system and download the associated paysafecard plug-in. Thereafter, you can complete the integration process in our paysafecard Service Center with a few clicks.

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Easy integration with an API

The use of paysafecard for payment is based on a REST API. In this way, you can integrate paysafecard very easily and with a minimum of programming effort. REST uses the usual HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE etc.).

We make REST-API keys available to you, which you can integrate in your test environment. As soon as the integration has been successfully completed, our team will carry out an acceptance test jointly with you. After that, you can activate all countries and currencies with an API.

API integration

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