• paysafecard is a prepaid voucher payment method which allows you to pay online using cash. Our vouchers hold many benefits such as minimizing how much personal details you share online, since you don`t need a bank account or other type of payment instruments to complete your purchase.

    How do I pay with paysafecard?

    Based on your region you can purchase PINs physically in-store or online via any authorized seller. Once you buy a PIN you can redeem it at any partner online shop.

    How do I buy a paysafecard PIN?

    1. Find a nearby physical sales outlet by using our store finder and purchase a PIN in the desired value. You can also buy a PIN from one of our authorized online distributors. Both our physical and online paysafecard PINs are country specific and you can only redeem them within its purchased country.
    2. Pay by using cash or via POS using your credit/debit card. If the store staff is not familiar with paysafecard please, refer them to our sales guide. If you`re buying your PIN online, you can pay with different methods such as a bank card, PayPal and more. The ability to pay with a particular method varies based on your region.
    3. Redeem your PIN at the desired online shop by choosing paysafecard as a payment method. You can pay by entering the 16-digits PIN printed on your voucher, or if supported for your region add your PIN in myPaysafe and use your login credentials to pay.

    Which online shops accept paysafecard?

    We work with over a thousand online shops across gaming, sports betting, music, entertainment and more. To see which online shops work with us, visit their check out page. Our top online shops you can find here.

    When does a paysafecard expire?

    paysafecard PINs do not expire. However, after 30 days of purchase a monthly maintenance fee is deducted from the available voucher amount.

    What are your fees and limits?

    Fees and limits related to our products vary based on region. To learn more, visit this page.


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    • With paysafecard, you pay online as you do with cash.
    • In this way, sharing sensitive data such as credit card details or bank information on the internet becomes redundant.
    • Thanks to the practical prepaid card, you never pay more than originally planned and always have an overview of your payments.
    • Buy your paysafecard PINs very easily in more than +650,000 sales outlets across the entire world.
    • Pay with paysafecard in thousands of online shops.
  • myPaysafe is your personal administration tool and can be set up in a few minutes. With myPaysafe, you always have an overview of your credit, and control over your finances. It is only necessary to enter the 16-digit PIN once, if you upload your paysafecard PIN credits to myPaysafe. After that, just pay with your login data - entry of the 16-digit PIN is no longer needed.

    In addition, you will benefit from limits higher than $300 per payment.

    Our tip: you will get the most out of myPaysafe with the free paysafecard app. Using the practical paysafecard direct function, you can upload your PIN credits in seconds.

  • paysafecard direct is a function in our paysafecard app. You use it to top up your myPaysafe credits in your nearest sales outlet at lightning speed:

    • Generate a barcode using the paysafecard app. In doing this, you can choose between several values.
    • Show the barcode in the app at the till and pay on the spot – voilà, your money appears instantly in myPaysafe. PIN entry is no longer necessary.
    • Keep an overview of your finances always available on your smartphone, wherever you are.
    • Find sales outlets very close to you when you are out and about.
    • Upload your myPaysafe PIN credits in a sales outlet in seconds using the paysafecard direct function – you no longer need to enter a code.
    • Scan the QR code in the payment window of one of our partners' online shops with the scan2pay function and pay very simply in online shops that accept paysafecard as a payment method.
  • paysafecard prepaid codes are available physically in-store that are available in more than +650,000 sales outlets or online via authorized sellers around the entire world. You can buy cards with different amounts and receive a 16-digit code. The limit per payment is a maximum of $300.

    The paysafecard account (myPaysafe) is your personal online payment account which gives you the possibility of paying each transaction with username and password, instead of long codes. In contrast to physical cards, you also benefit with a paysafecard account (myPaysafe) from limits higher than $300 per payment.

  • It's best to simply use our contact form for all your questions about our products. Select the topic that you're writing about and add all the necessary information, step by step, simply and easily, so that we can deal with your issue as quickly as possible.

    You can find an overview of all contact options here.

  • paysafecard is accepted in thousands of online shops and online providers across the entire world, from games to sporting bets to poker, all the way to music, films and entertainment. In the US, paysafecard can only be used with our participating partners, listed here.

  • There are more than +650,000 sales outlets across the entire world, including many large supermarket chains, post offices, kiosks, etc.