The Division 2: The Fight for America

The Division 2: Amerika steht vor dem Ende
Games 18.03.2019

Three years after its predecessor, The Division 2 by Ubisoft was released on the 15th of March on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. What has changed? Which new features can players expect from the sequel? And what’s the new setting all about? Here are the answers.

New York is out, Washington is in

The first Division game was set in New York. During Black Friday a virus broke out, hence dubbed the Dollar Flu. The city that never sleeps crumbled under the pandemic. Death and violence became the norm. Marauders threatened and killed survivors for precious resources, while the governmental institutions such as the police were no more. There was only one hope left for mankind: The Division. A secret special force of sleeper agents was activated. Agents from across the country travelled to New York to help survivors and build society anew.

Seven months after the events from the first game, The Division 2 is now set in the capitol: Washington D.C. Whilst the initial shock after the virus outbreak is gone, now the nation faces an even more potentially devastating challenge: Civil war. Four violent fractions - True Sons, Hyenas, Outcasts and Black Tusk - roam the streets and want to take over the city. If Washington falls, it would be the end of America.

Loot Shooter - Part 2

Just like its predecessor The Division 2 is a so called loot shooter with RPG elements. Loot takes a central stage in any loot shooter. Just like in World of Warcraft players first create their avatar within the character editor. By killing enemies and completing quests, agents gain experience points and level up.

Instead of swords, axes and magic spells the combat in The Division is more grounded with weapons such as pistols, sniper rifles and abilities like using drones and turrets. Weapons come in different rarity levels and can be unlocked by completing missions. But they can also drop randomly from enemies.

Akin to games such as Diablo there’s this kind of loop that motivates you to play just one more mission. Complete a mission, get a better weapon, try out the new weapon and hunt for the next, even better firearm. There’s always something to accomplish. Missions to complete, experience points to gain, facilities to improve and so on.

PvE and PvP

There are many ways to get loot in The Division 2. At its core there is the campaign, which tells the story of a capitol and a nation on the brink of collapse. Here you’ll find epic story moments, cinematic cutscenes and tough-as-nails boss enemies. More of a team player? You can play the campaign cooperatively with friends over the internet. Together you can coordinate each other’s abilities, which is always helpful for tougher missions and boss fights.

If you want to test your loadout and skills against other human players, PvP is the way to go. You’ll find the typical shooter modes team deathmatch and control. Beyond that, Dark Zones make their return and get an overhaul. Now there are three distinct Dark Zones with their own environment and feel. Here’s where the developers really mixed it up compared to the first game. Instead of being strict PvP zones, the Dark Zones have transformed into an interesting mixture of PvP and PvE. The AI-driven Black Tusks are roaming the streets and are just as well-equipped as the player agents.

Raids and Year 1 Content Plan

The launch was just the beginning. Ubisoft has already announced its Year 1 content plan. Three free episodes add new storylines, modes, missions and more to the base game. The most intriguing addition are the raids. Just like in typical MMORPG fashion these missions for eight agents will really test the players’ abilities to coordinate, solve tricky situations and their knowledge of the game’s systems.

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