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Why am I suddenly unable to add any paysafecard PINs to my paysafecard?

If you are no longer able to add PINs to my paysafecard, please check to see if you have already reached your PIN top-up limit.

If you haven’t already reached your PIN top-up limit, please check the following possible causes of this problem:

  • Have you bought your paysafecard PIN in the same country in which you are registered? Please note that you may only add PINs to my paysafecard purchased in the same country in which you registered for my paysafecard.
  • Have you entered the paysafecard PIN correctly? Please always check the PIN number you enter before clicking Add PIN.
  • Does the paysafecard PIN still have any value remaining on it? Only PINs with a remaining value on them may be added to my paysafecard.