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paysafecard is easy to use

paysafecard is the secure and easy way to pay the road tolls on German motorways and main roads. paysafecard is a prepaid payment method. Prepaid means that you buy a paysafecard in a sales outlet and pay online or at the tool booth terminal entirely without a debit or credit card.

This is how easy is it to use the paysafecard:

  1. FIND


    Use the search function or the paysafecard app to find the nearest sales outlet.

  2. BUY BUY

    Buy the paysafecard. You can choose between PINs of different amounts.

  3. PAY


    Pay by online booking or at the toll booth terminal by entering the 16-digit paysafecard PIN.

regardless of whether you use a smartphone, tablet, desktop PC or the toll booth terminal to book your toll stretch, you can pay everywhere with your paysafecard, simply and without complications.

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Advantages for you

  • Secure – like paying cash, but without carrying cash
  • Convenient – no fumbling with cash
    Any money left over on the paysafecard after making a payment remains available on the PIN for future use.
  • Simple – no need to change cash into foreign currency

paysafecard – online payments for everyone

paysafecard is one of the global market leaders in the field of online prepaid payment methods, and is part of Paysafe Holdings UK Limited. More about paysafecard.

As easy as cash

  • paysafecard is available in 45 countries. paysafecard is available in different amounts in each country's local currency.
  • Buy a paysafecard PIN from one of the +650,000 sales outlets worldwide.
  • Then pay by online booking or at the toll booth terminal: just enter the 16-digit PIN. Finished.

Video tutorial

Regardless of whether you use a smartphone, tablet, desktop PC or the toll terminal to book your toll segment, you can pay everywhere quickly and easily using paysafecard. Our tutorial shows how easy it is.

Use paysafecard on the go as well

The paysafecard app shows you every sales outlet in your area on your smartphone and let you check your paysafecard balance. Download now for Android or iOS .

More information on the paysafecard app

Do you have questions?

Find the most frequently asked questions and answers about using paysafecard for German road tolls here.