my paysafecard - all your PINs in one place

paysafecard offers you your own account for your PINs and makes paying online even simpler and safer.

How to pay using my paysafecard:

  1. Get paysafecard.
  2. Top up your my paysafecard account with your purchased paysafecard PINs. The combined value of all the paysafecard PINs you added is now at your disposal.
  3. Pay simply and safely by entering your username and password.

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Overview of the different status options

Standard status is the introductory status to the world of my paysafecard. To be able to enjoy higher limits, please upgrade to Unlimited status.

Maximum amount per payment

1.000 EUR
(to be converted into your national currency)
1.000 EUR
(to be converted into your national currency)
Maximum my paysafecard balance
£ 2,000
£ 4.000
Annual top-up limit
£ 2,000
Annual spending
£ 2,000

Info and contact

Being a my paysafecard user means that you only have to enter your my paysafecard username and password when paying in webshops, and that you no longer have to enter the 16-digit PIN to make a payment. my paysafecard also has its own menu option that lets you track each payment you make. This gives you a clear overview and full control of your spending at all times. Topping up your my paysafecard account with a paysafecard PIN immediately adds the credit of that PIN to your existing balance. If you have already added several paysafecard PINS to your account before you make a payment, it is always the credit on the oldest PIN that is used first.

Using and paying with my paysafecard is essentially free. However, the following fees may apply.

Discover my PLUS now and start benefiting from it right away!

my PLUS is the new loyalty programme from my paysafecard: Simply pay with my paysafecard to collect points and redeem them for cool Rewards in the my PLUS shop! Plus, there are tons of exclusive offers and much more waiting for you with my PLUS!

If you don't already have a my paysafecard account, you can sign up for one here for free. Please remember: You can only benefit from my PLUS with a my paysafecard account!

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Collect points with my PLUS!

Pay with my paysafecard to collect sought-after PLUS points that you can exchange for cool Rewards in the my PLUS Shop!

The following generally applies: The higher your my PLUS Level, the quicker you collect PLUS points, and the more exclusive Rewards there are waiting for you!

Level up by collecting Level Points with my PLUS!

Continually collect Level Points with regular activities like logging in to your my paysafecard account once a day. Alternatively, you can also sign up for the free paysafecard newsletter to claim a one-off Level Points bonus. Level Points are needed to level up in my PLUS. And the more you level up in my PLUS, the more exclusive offers there are waiting for you! 

Collect cool Rewards with my PLUS!

Exchange the PLUS points you collect for great Rewards in the my PLUS Shop. Exclusive offers at tons of popular, well-known online shops are waiting for you. Plus, the Rewards get cooler the more you level up in my PLUS!

Exclusively with my paysafecard

There are some online shops at which you can only pay with my paysafecard. You can find a list of these online shops here. They are also labelled on our website with this icon .

You can find more information as well as frequently asked questions regarding my paysafecard under the menu option Help. If you still have any unanswered questions, the paysafecard service team is available to answer them around the clock.

Pay safely online

Use paysafecard and my paysafecard as a safe way to pay at thousands of webshops in the world of online entertainment.

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paysafecard stands for total security. We provide useful information on safety with paysafecard, as well as helpful tips for protecting yourself against scams and malware.

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