my paysafecard: the account for your PINs

my paysafecard is your personal online payments account that helps you keep an overview of your paysafecard PINs. Entering 16-digit PINs when paying is no longer necessary. Instead, pay safely by simply entering a username and password. 

Pay with my paysafecard

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    Top up your my paysafecard account with purchased paysafecard PINs.

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    Pay simply and safely online by entering a username and password.

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The right my paysafecard status for you

Completing the free sign-up process opens your my paysafecard Standard status account. If you would like to be able to make more frequent or bigger payments, please complete the free upgrade to Unlimited status. my paysafecard is essentially free. However, the following fees may apply in certain circumstances.

my paysafecard video tips

Pay now on Google Play!

Clash Royale, 8 Ball Pool or Angry Birds: Purchase all your favorite Apps, games, items and other content on Google Play now with your my paysafecard balance! Simply add my paysafecard as payment method on Google Play and connect your account by logging in with your my paysafecard credentials once to be ready for one-click-purchases.

paysafecard now also available at YouTube Premium

Enjoy YouTube without advertisements, immerse yourself in the world of YouTube Music and discover YouTube Original series and films. Pay your YouTube Premium membership from now on with your my paysafecard balance. How does it work? Go to YouTube Premium and simply follow the steps described above. The process works exactly as with Google Play.

paysafecard direct – Top up my paysafecard directly

paysafecard direct makes it possible for you to quickly and conveniently top up your my paysafecard account directly from the sales outlet. The respective amount is available in your my paysafecard account immediately after payment and you no longer to need enter the 16-digit pin.

Payments only with my paysafecard

At some online shops it is only possible to pay with my paysafecard. A list of these shops is available here. They are also labelled on our website with the icon .

Do you still have questions about my paysafecard?

Do you have a specific question about my paysafecard? Or are you already a registered user and you have a question about using my paysafecard? We are here for you!