How to pay securely online with paysafecard

Paying online with paysafecard is safe because, like paying in cash, no personal details, such as bank account or credit card information, ever have to be entered. However, it is still important to look after your paysafecard PINs and to follow our tips for paying safely online. These will help save you from any nasty surprises.

The 5 most important security guidelines

Security is of the utmost importance for paysafecard. Please follow these five important basic rules and pay with confidence every time:

  • Only ever enter a paysafecard PIN at authorised paysafecard online shops.
  • Never pass on a paysafecard PIN by e-mail or telephone.
  • If you notice any suspicious activity in your my paysafecard account: Immediately request to have your account locked.
  • Government authorities, institutions, law firms or the courts are not authorised webshops. Whether it's on your computer or by phone, never comply with any demand to pay a fine or reminder fee with paysafecard!
  • If you are ever unsure, please contact the paysafecard service team.

Further reading about online security

Security is of the utmost importance to us. For this reason, we have put together a collection of the most important things to know about paying safely online.

Use paysafecard with care

paysafecard is like cash. Please follow these user guidelines and pay safely online every time without giving criminals a chance.

Read the paysafecard user guidelines now

Reported scams

These scams have already been reported and are known to the authorities. Find out how to protect yourself against them and improve your own security.

Avoid known scams

Proactive protection

paysafecard warns its users about scams, viruses and trojans. Find out how to recognise scams with the help of our information updates and learn how to pay safely online with paysafecard every time.

How to avoid scams

paysafecard is unhackable

It is absolutely impossible to hack paysafecard PINs or to increase their balance with so-called generators. paysafecard hacks are not possible due to numerous technical security mechanisms. Software claiming otherwise is part of a scam.

Do not give credence to alleged paysafecard hacks.

Surfing safely online

Generally protect yourself against online criminals. Look after your computer and personal details.

Tips for paying safely online

Locking paysafecard PIN(s)

If you become the target of fraud, you can lock your paysafecard PIN(s) around the clock. This immediately protects your existing balance from further attacks.

Please note: Locked PINs can no longer be used to make payments! However, you are still able to request a refund of the existing balance of your paysafecard PIN(s).


Has your paysafecard Mastercard been lost or stolen?

If you lose your paysafecard Mastercard or it is stolen, you can have it cancelled at any time on a dedicated hotline. Free national hotline: 00800 9862 9862, Hotline International: 0044 20 3026 0210 (charges vary depending on your landline or mobile phone tariff).

Locking your my paysafecard account

The security of your my paysafecard account has the highest priority. It is therefore important that you are the only person to have access to your e-mails and that you immediately report any suspicious activity in your account to the paysafecard service team.