An overview of paysafecard accepted sites and services

paysafecard and my paysafecard open the door for you to a huge range of vendors from the worlds of gaming, social media & communities, film & music and much more. Paying with paysafecard is direct and fast.


Whether it's MMOs, casual games or skill games - always be on the safe side with paysafecard and pay for the biggest and best games quickly and securely.

Gaming with paysafecard

Online Dating

Begin a new chapter in your life: Find your dream partner online. Discover your opportunities by paying simply and safely with paysafecard at selected online dating portals.

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Social Games & Communities

Do you like spending time in social networks and challenging your friends in social games? Then stay one step ahead of them by paying quickly and safely with paysafecard.

Social media with paysafecard

VoIP, Telephony & Messaging

Save money on the phone by using online VoIP (Voice over IP) and messaging services. Pay quickly, simply and safely for your calls and messaging with paysafecard.

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Internet Services & Travel

Back up your photos, videos and music in the Cloud with a huge range of hosting and web service providers. Or book your next holiday via an online travel agency. paysafecard is your safe way to pay for numerous internet services.

Internet Services

Music, film & entertainment

Shop online and go bargain hunting at a huge range of online platforms. Enjoy TV shows and films, listen to your favourite artists or enjoy other forms of online entertainment. Whatever you decide on, paysafecard is your safe way to pay.

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Sports betting, poker and more

Put on your best poker face or enjoy a nice round of bingo. Pay with complete confidence with paysafecard.

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