Pay simply and safely everywhere

paysafecard MasterCard is a prepaid credit card that lets you pay the same as with a creditcard. It works in a similar way to top-up cards for prepaid mobile phones. Top up your paysafecard master card in just a few clicks with your paysafecard account and pay online and offline at even more shops around the world.

To your paysafecard MasterCard in 3 easy steps

paysafecard prepaid master card is available to paysafecard users aged 18 and over. For users aged 16 and over, there is a special youth card.

New to my paysafecard? Getting your paysafecard MasterCard is easy:

  1. Sign up free for my paysafecard - your personal payments account from paysafecard.
  2. Order your paysafecard MasterCard.
  3. Activate your paysafecard prepaid MasterCard and use it at 35 million acceptance points.

If you already have a paysafecard account, log in as usual and follow the instructions under "paysafecard MasterCard".

After ordering, your paysafecard prepaid card will be sent in 5 to 10 business days via post. Please note: As part of your paysafecard MasterCard order the annual fee of €9.90 will be deducted from the paysafecard account. As a paysafecard customer you can also benefit twice: With the paysafecard loyalty programme my PLUS you have the chance to completely save yourself the annual fee for paysafecard, prepaid MasterCard once!

my paysafecard registrationOrder card

Top up the balance on your paysafecard MasterCard

In contrast to conventional credit cards, a prepaid card has an existing balance. This means: The paysafecard MasterCard balance can be topped-up from the paysafecard account in order to use it for cashless payments both online and offline. Every time you top up your paysafecard master card you also receive points from my PLUS, the cool paysafecard loyalty programme!
Here's how you top up paysafecard:

  • Log in to your my paysafecard account.
  • In the menu click on "paysafecard MasterCard".
  • Enter the desired top up amount under "top up paysafecard MasterCard" and confirm your input.
  • The amount will be deducted from your paysafecard account and credited to your paysafecard , prepaid credit card.

Complete spending control - no credit check, no risk!

The balance on a paysafecard MasterCard cannot be exceeded, so there’s no risk of running up debt and no credit check is needed. The card is also not connected to your bank account in any way.
Low costs and fees

  • only €9.90 annual fee
  • 4 % fee to top up the credit card (as is standard for prepaid cards)
  • 3 % (min. €3.50) fee for ATM cash withdrawals
  • 2 % fee for payment in foreign currency


my PLUS is your plus! With the paysafecard loyalty programme my PLUS you can completely save the annual fee for paysafecard MasterCard once! Just buy the appropriate products in the my PLUS Shop.

Clear limits for greater security

Card for adults
Card for young adults
Maximum card balance
5.000,- EUR
1.000,- EUR
Maximum daily top-ups
1.000,- EUR
1.000,- EUR
Maximum monthly top-ups
5.000,- EUR
2.000,- EUR
Maximum annual top-ups
50.000,- EUR
24.000,- EUR
Single transaction limit
1.000,- EUR
1.000,- EUR
Single cash withdrawal limit
400,- EUR
400,- EUR
Daily cash withdrawal limit
400,- EUR
400,- EUR
Monthly cash withdrawal limit
1.000,- EUR
1.000,- EUR

Focus on security and quality

paysafecard MasterCard meets all essential security standards. Offline payments in restaurants, hotels and shops require you enter your four-digit PIN as authentication - no signature needed!

The following MasterCard quality criteria are met:

  • Card chips for additional payment transaction security and the prevention of card misuse
  • Hologram
  • Card verification code (CVC2)
  • Card number index: Every MasterCard card number begins with 5 and the first four digits must match the number printed beneath
  • “MC” is visible on the card under ultra-violet light

paysafecard MasterCard: the prepaid credit for everyone

ppaysafecard MasterCard is suitable for all circumstances and ages. Simply top it up with the desired amount and use it everywhere where master card is accepted. paysafecard MasterCard can naturally be used abroad too! Pay for car rentals, hotel stays, restaurant bills and more while on holiday. Plus, the complete spending control that paysafecard prepaid MasterCard offers means it’s an especially safe payment method for students, young adults and school children.

The prepaid card for young adults

A prepaid card is highly valued among parents wanting to teach their children how to handle cashless payment methods. The paysafecard prepaid MasterCard is the ideal way to let young adults control their own spending. The prepaid credit card is simply topped up with the desired amount, which is then available to the young adult. Security is also of the utmost importance: That’s why ordering a card requires parental consent. In addition, the card may only be used on websites approved for use by minors.

A prepaid card for worry-free holidays

There’s nothing worse than being on holiday and discovering that your credit card has been stolen or that the holiday budget has been greatly exceeded. A solution to both these problems is a low-cost prepaid credit card - because only the amount on the card can be used! The complete spending control and reduced risk this offers removes all obstacles to enjoying a worry-free holiday.

The prepaid card for the internet

A large majority of online shops nowadays require a credit card or bank account to pay there. paysafecard MasterCard now finally offers a practical and safe way to pay for online shoppers and gamers. There has never been a simple and financially manageable way to pay as with paysafecard prepaid MasterCard! When paying you simply enter the card number and security code in addition to an invoicing and delivery address. That’s it!