paysafecard Mastercard: Your rechargeable prepaid card

Make payments around the world as if with a credit card - both online and offline
Everywhere Mastercard  is accepted
Simply load funds online via my paysafecard and you're ready to go
Especially swift and secure with the contactless payment function

Your paysafecard Mastercard in 3 easy steps

How to get your personal paysafecard Mastercard:

  1. Sign up

    Sign up

    Sign up free of charge for my paysafecard, your personal online payment account from paysafecard.

  2. Order Order

    Simply order your paysafecard Mastercard online via your my paysafecard account.

  3. Activate


    Activate your paysafecard Mastercard online, and use it at 35 million acceptance points.

Sign up for my paysafecard Order card

Use it on Amazon, PayPal and many more!

  • paysafecard Mastercard is accepted in countless online stores
  • Perfect for gamers and online shoppers
  • Easily make payments on Amazon and Alibaba
  • Use it on PayPal
  • Pay offline at shops, hotels, and restaurants

A prepaid card for care-free holidays

  • affordable and fully cost-controlled
  • A prepaid card on a credit basis
  • Holiday budget always in reach
  • Cash withdrawal from ATMs possible

paysafecard Mastercard: the prepaid credit for everyone

  • Suitable for all ages and occasions
  • Pay contactless, especially swiftly and securely
  • Expenses always remain under control

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Highest security and quality

Pay even more securely online with the Mastercard Identity Check:

  • More security: Protect your purchases with an additional level of security.
  • Simple and quick:  Your online payments are approved with the push of a button in the paysafecard app.
  • For all end devices:  Benefit from reliable and secure payment processes on all end devices.

For more information, please visit our FAQ section.

Fully cost-controlled - no risk

  • Your expenses are always within reach
  • There is no connection to your bank account.
  • No credit check carried out

Low costs and fees

  • Annual fee just 9,90 EUR
  • 4 % top-up fee (standard for prepaid cards)
  • 3 % (min. €3.50) fee for ATM cash withdrawals
  • 3 % fee for foreign currency payments


Mastercard® Exchange Rates



Clear limits for your convenience


Cards for adults

Cards for young adults

Maximum balance on the card

5,000 EUR

1,000 EUR

Maximum load amount per day

1,000 EUR

1,000 EUR

Maximum load amount per month

5,000 EUR

2,000 EUR

Maximum load amount per year

50,000 EUR

24,000 EUR

Limit for each transaction

1,000 EUR

1,000 EUR

Daily transaction limit

2,000 EUR

1,000 EUR

ATM withdrawal limit per withdrawal

400 EUR

400 EUR

ATM withdrawals per day

400 EUR

400 EUR

ATM withdrawals per month

1,000 EUR

1,000 EUR

Always on the safe side

paysafecard stands for total security. Useful information on safely using paysafecard and tips on protecting yourself against cyber crime are available here.