paysafecard Terms and Conditions

Version: June 2013


1. General Provisions 

1.1 Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as these are the terms upon which you must use the paysafecard whichever is applicable ("paysafecard"). These Terms and Conditions govern the contractual relationship between you and us.  

1.2 Your paysafecard is issued and operated by Prepaid Services Company Limited ("we" "us") whose registered office is at Euston Tower, Floor 33, 286 Euston Road, London NW1 3DP, United Kingdom (company number: 05761861).  

1.3 We operate our service under an e-money issuer's license in the UK and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (registration number 900021) and passported to Ireland.  

1.4 By purchasing or using a paysafecard you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. 

1.5 We may change these Terms and Conditions if we reasonably consider it necessary to do so. If we do we shall give 2 months notice before such change is made. All notices and changes will be posted on (the "Website"). You should check the Website regularly for such notices and changes. It is agreed that you shall be deemed to have consented to the modification if you do not indicate your rejection in writing before the proposed date of entry into force of the modification. If you do not object to the modifications in writing within 2 (two) months of the notification, the modifications shall be deemed to have been accepted and shall become an effective part of our contract. You are entitled to terminate our contract before the date of entry into force of the modification with immediate effect. We shall indicate the implications of not responding and the right to free and immediate termination in the contract amendment proposal. Please refer to Section 6 (Termination) for further information on the procedure for contract termination.<p/>

Simply expanding the functionality or introducing new services shall not effect a contractamendment. 

1.6 Our Distribution Outlets (see section 3 below) will provide you upon your request with a copy of our Terms and Conditions at the time you purchase a paysafecard. You can download a copy of these Terms and Conditions at any time from our Website. 


2. Fees 

2.1 We do not charge any fees for checking your balance and statements on the Website. However, the following fees do apply:

2.1.1        Balance Update/Transaction History according to Section 4 point 9 and 10: FREE 

2.1.2        paysafecard reissuing according to Section 4 point 11 and Section 8 point 7: FREE 

2.1.3        Redemption Fee according to Section 5: € 7.5. This Redemption Fee will be directly deducted from the balance of your paysafecard.

2.1.4        Monthly Maintenance Fee: FREE for the first 12 months after purchase and € 2 per month thereafter. This fee will be directly deducted from the balance of your paysafecard.

2.1.5        Exchange rate surcharge according to Section 7 point 2: 2%


3. Buying a paysafecard 

3.1 We have a relationship with a number of Distribution Outlets ("Distribution Outlets"), where the paysafecard can be purchased. Distribution Outlets near your location can be found on the Website. 

3.2 You can purchase a paysafecard only from a Distribution Outlet upon payment by you of the value printed on the paysafecard ("Value"). 

3.3 You can purchase up to 10 paysafecard from a Distribution Outlet at any one time.

3.4 Each paysafecard is allocated its own unique Personal Identification Number ("PIN"). When you purchase a paysafecard, the Distribution Outlet will hand over to you a paper voucher showing amongst other information your PIN. If the Distribution Outlet is an electronic retailer, your PIN will be transmitted in electronic form, and you should print this out for safekeeping. The contract between you and us is concluded for an indefinite term. Due to technical reasons it may be the case that an expiry date is printed on your paysafecard. However, this does not have any impact on the term of the contract.


4. Using a paysafecard 

4.1 You may use paysafecard with those online retailers and service providers which accept paysafecard as a means of payment ("Webshops"). Once you have purchased a paysafecard you can use it to purchase products and services in these Webshops. In order to use paysafecard, you will need access to a PC with an internet connection where JavaScript must be enabled in the browser or a flash plugin must be installed. 

4.2 You may use your paysafecard as often as you like to purchase goods or services up to a total of the Value. 

4.3 You may use up to 10 paysafecard on the same transaction.

4.4 When you pay using your paysafecard you will be asked to enter the paysafecard's PIN. 

4.5 Upon entering the PIN, you irrevocably authorise the Webshop to deduct the funds immediately from your paysafecard for the relevant product/service. At the same time you irrevocably authorise us, to process the deduction from the paysafecard and authorise the payment to the Webshop. 

4.6 All debits from the paysafecard shall be in Euro. If you are paying for goods and services in another currency, the amount payable shall be converted at the published exchange rate on the Website (Weblink: on the day of the transaction. The applicable exchange rate will also be shown at the time of the transaction.

4.7 [deleted]

4.8 It is prohibited to sell, trade in, or purchase, paysafecards via unauthorised internet platforms. This prohibition explicitly refers to so-called "exchange platforms", where paysafecard PINs are offered for sale illegally. A purchase of paysafecard over the Internet is allowed exclusively through authorized online web shops, listed on the Website.

4.9 You can check the balance of your paysafecard at any time on the Website. 

4.10 You can check the transaction record of each paysafecard at any time on the Website. 

4.11 If you find that your paysafecard is defective, you should tell us immediately, either by phone (check number at or by e-mail ( If it is not possible to remedy the defect, we will provide you with a new paysafecard. If the Value of the newly issued paysafecard is higher than the balance on the defective paysafecard, you will be required to pay additional funds to us to cover the difference. 


5. Your right of redemption

You may at any time request a redemption of the remaining funds on your paysafecard. To do so, send us an e-mail to requesting a redemption or call customer services (check phone number at Before we can redeem the remaining funds to you we will need you to provide us with the serial number of the paysafecard, the value left on your paysafecard, your full name, email address and a contact phone number, a legible copy of your photo identification document, a legible copy of your paysafecard as well as your personal bank account details in the European Union including IBAN and BIC where you would like us to transfer the money. To enable us to comply with our legal obligations, we may ask you to provide us with certain other information before we can process your redemption request. A Redemption Fee will apply in the following cas

  • Redemption is requested before the expiry of your contract 
  • Redemption is requested more than one year after the date of the expiry of the contract 


6. Termination 

6.1 Under these Terms and Conditions, you have the right to terminate at any time during the contract period and you can also ask for redemption of the balance left on your paysafecard according to Section 5. If you have purchased a paysafecard by means of distance communications (e.g. online, vending machine), you have a right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days after the purchase without being charged any fees.

6.2 If you terminate a paysafecard we will block it the next working day (Monday to Friday) so it cannot be used. You will not be entitled to a redemption of money that you have already spent on goods or services.  

6.3 If you terminate a paysafecard, we will arrange for any unused funds to be redeemed to you, once all transactions and applicable fees have been deducted subject to Section 6 above.  

6.4 We may block or terminate a paysafecard and our contract with you immediately if we suspect any fraud or misuse of a paysafecard occurring, if we have other security concerns or we need to do so to comply with the law. This is valid in case it is suspected that paysafecards were purchased at file sharing networks/bourses or similar, both in return of payment or gratuitous. We will provide you with a replacement paysafecard if you contact us and if we believe such circumstances no longer apply. If the paysafecard value of the newly issued paysafecard is higher than the balance on the defective paysafecard, you will be required to pay additional funds to us to cover the difference.  


7. Currency 

7.1 The paysafecard is issued in Euros (€). Any payments made for goods/services in another currency shall be converted into Euro using the exchange rate applicable on the date of transaction. Our applicable exchange rates (exchange rates published by an Austrian credit institution) will be posted daily on the Website (Weblink: and will be displayed during the payment transaction. The exchanged rate used and the amount that will be debited from the paysafecard will also be shown at the time of the transaction.  

7.2 For every cross currency transaction (paysafecard currency is not the payment currency in the Webshop) where one of the involved currencies is EUR a general exchange rate surcharge of 2 % of the transaction amount will be applied.  


8. Your duty to take due care, security and PIN protection  

8.1 You must check your receipt or your paysafecard confirmation has a PIN and serial number. If you cannot read your PIN and serial number or you believe confirmation is corrupted in any way then you must inform us by phone or by e-mail ( stating the serial number of the paysafecard. We will then provide you with a new paysafecard. If you are unable to read the PIN but you are able to read the serial number of the paysafecard then you must send us a copy of the print out by fax (fax no: +43 1 720 83 80 12). Once we have verified we will send you a new paysafecard.  

8.2 You must keep your paysafecard, PIN safe and protect it from access by unauthorised third parties. Do not give your PIN to any unauthorised third party.  

8.3 If you lose your paysafecard it will not be replaced.  

8.4 Please be aware that if your paysafecard is lost or stolen you may lose some or all of your money on the paysafecard.  

8.5 If you believe any of your paysafecard transactions are incorrectly executed you must notify us as soon as possible but within 13 months of the date of the debit. If you believe your paysafecard has been stolen, you must inform us immediately. In either case you can notify us or inform us by phone (check number at or by e-mail ( so that any remaining balance on the paysafecard can be blocked. To enable us to block a paysafecard we will require the serial number.  

8.6 Unless we have reason to suspect fraud, deliberate or negligent behaviour on your part and as long as your claim is made within the time limit specified in 8.5 above, we will provide you with a new paysafecard for the amount under investigation.  

8.7 Before we provide you with a new paysafecard you must provide us with proof of purchase of the stolen/abused paysafecard. In the case of a stolen paysafecard you may also be required to provide us with the crime reference number issued by the police. Any difference between the Value of the blocked paysafecard and the Value of the newly issued paysafecard will be borne by you.  


9. Complaints 

If you are unhappy in any way with our paysafecard or the way our service is managed, tell us by e-mailing so we can investigate the circumstances for you. Any complaints you make will be dealt with quickly and fairly. You are also able to take your complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service at South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR. Telephone: +44 207 964 0500 and e-mail:  


10. Disputes with retailers  

10.1 If you have any disputes about purchases you have made with your paysafecard, you should settle these with the relevant Webshop. We are not responsible for the quality, safety, legality or any other aspect of any goods or services purchased with a paysafecard. 

10.2 Remember that once you have used a paysafecard to make a purchase we cannot stop that transaction. 


11. Liability 

11.1 If you are affected by something which is our fault, we will only be responsible for loss you suffer as a direct result up to a maximum of the balance on the paysafecard and not for any other loss (for example, loss of reputation).  

11.2 If you have acted fraudulently or if you do not use a paysafecard in accordance with these Terms and Conditions you will be responsible for all losses on the paysafecard. If you act without reasonable care and this causes losses, you may also be responsible for this.

11.3. We accept no responsibility or liability for a Webshop refusing to honour a transaction on a paysafecard or failing to cancel an authorisation.

11.4 We are not liable to you for any losses caused by acts of God, riots, war, natural disasters or other occurrences which are beyond our reasonable control.

11.5 We do not guarantee the permanent availability of the paysafecard system, in particular the availability of the systems of Distribution Outlets or Webshops.  

11.6 The Financial Services Compensation Scheme does not apply. 


12. Data Protection  

We do not collect any personal data when you purchase or use a paysafecard from a Distribution Outlet. Personal data is collected when you provide personal data to our Website. We use cookies for the purpose of system protection and protection against misuse. You must accept these cookies in order to use our Website. All personal data is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be viewed on


13. Assignment of the Contractual Relationship  

We may assign the rights and duties of these Terms and Conditions to another company at any time, on giving your at least 2 months prior notice of this. If we do this, your rights will not be affected. In this case, you can object within 2 months and terminate your contract with us with immediate effect. For further information see Section 6 (Termination). In such circumstances you will not be charged a Redemption Fee (Section 5).  


14. Governing law 

These terms and conditions are governed by Irish law and Irish courts will deal with any legal proceedings between us. Communications and notifications shall be made in English.


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