Battle of the construction and management sims 2019: Anno vs. Tropico vs. The Settlers

Kampf der Aufbaustrategie 2019: Anno vs. Tropico vs. Die Siedler
Games 29.03.2019

Fortnite here, Apex Legends there. Battle Royale shooters are currently dominating the video game landscape. But another genre is seeing a small renaissance in 2019: the construction and management sims. Fans of the classic genre can look forward to three new games coming out this year. Here’s an overview and a little guide so you’ll know which game is the right one for you.

The classic for optimization freaks: Anno

Anno 1800 will be released for the PC on April 16th. The now seventh title of the popular series promises the return of the well-known mix of economic strategy and war planning. In contrast to the two predecessors Anno 2070 and Anno 2205, the series returns to its historical roots with Anno 1800.

The players are tasked with building a prosperous city. Resources must be collected, processed into products or traded. Characteristically for Anno, the map is again divided into several islands. It is therefore of utmost importance to explore new islands and establish a functioning trade network. As the name suggests, the Age of Industrialisation plays a major role in the new Anno. With the entry of the machine into the daily life of workers, many possibilities for optimizing the production and trade routes opened. Trains, factories, machines and more play a huge role. At the same time, they also lead to new problems, such as workers' uprisings and air pollution. A completely new mechanic in gameplay is tourism. A lucrative source of income that must be properly managed. Factories can increase trade and prosperity, but also make the city less attractive to tourists. Everyone who wants to manage all these aspects and is not afraid of one or the other military confrontation with opponents, will feel right at home with Anno 1800.

For people who want to feel omnipotent: Tropico

Fancy a building strategy that does not take itself too seriously? Tropico 6 was released on March 29th for PC (later also on PS4 and Xbox One) and offers just that. Building strategy with a witty twist. Again, you must collect and optimize resources. But this time you're a dictator.

As "El Presidente" your number one priority is to enrich yourself. For this to work in the long term, the inhabitants of Tropico island must be satisfied. They need a good infrastructure with important buildings such as schools and hospitals. Prosperity should also be ensured, otherwise people could start a revolution. In addition to the political twist, humour is a big difference compared to the more serious Anno. For example, El Presidente can boost tourism by stealing world famous buildings such as the Statue of Liberty or the Paris Eiffel Tower and place them on Tropico. And should the citizens be on the brink of a revolution, the free elections could also just ... disappear. El Presidente is a dictator after all. A well-known feature of the Anno series celebrates its premiere in Tropico 6: Islands. The rest is again typical Tropico. Comical, sometimes evil and of course politically tinged. For all who want to play a dictator - Tropico 6 is the right way to go.

For friends who like to bustle: The Settlers

The biggest surprise of the year is the return of The Settlers. 26 years after the release of the cult classic, the new game from the legendary series will be released in Autumn 2019 for the PC.

There’s not much information to gather at this point, but the well-known settler charm will definitely be there. Loads of little people moving around the map quickly and building structures. This bustle of many different units has always been a key aspect of The Settlers. In comparison to the other two games, The Settlers is somewhere in between the humour of Tropico and the seriousness of Anno.

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