Gaming for Charity with Child's Play and Co.

Games 25.11.2016

Gaming can help us relax, train hand-eye coordination, and is of course fun – especially when you can do so in a way that does something good. This is the thought at least for many gamers who have organized gaming charity events and established charitable organizations to collect donations through gaming. Below is a list of some of these organizations and how you can support them with your favorite pastime.

Charity Gaming Organizations

Child's Play

The foundation Child's Play was established with the goal to help seriously ill children get through their time in the hospital with entertainment. The organization provides video games and toys to hospitals and to parents who lack the financial means. This service extends to hospitals from all around the world (currently operating in mostly English-speaking countries, as well as one from Germany, as of March 2016); they can register online for Child's Play and provide an Amazon wish list with the registration. Donors then have the choice of either buying something from the wish list or donating a sum of money to the organization. It is also possible to use the foundation to set up a charity gaming event. They have also developed a special tool that makes it easy and efficient to forward donations from any event directly to Child's Play. In the official Child's Play Calendar, all current events in connection with the foundation are listed – which can range from small gaming tournaments at a school to international Speed Running events. The Foundation, founded in 2003, has already collected over $ 40 million in donations (as of March 2016).


Under gamers can find a Humanitarian Emergency Response Team. When disasters strike anywhere in the world, the gamers of Gamingforgood launch a fundraising campaign to raise support. Initially among Gamingforgood campaigns, few – but very well-known – gamers reached out to their viewers and fans on their twitch and Youtube channels for donations. In general, gamers can log on to Gamingforgood and participate in a live stream fundraiser. When funds are not collected to specifically aid in disaster relief, the donated money goes to Save the Children in Bangladesh and Nepal.

Humble Bundle

In a Humble Bundle, players acquire a bundle of several games on the same page. The bundles offered change usually after a week. The special feature with Humble Bundle is that buyers dictate the price, determining how much of payment goes towards the purchase price, game developers and to charity. Furthermore, the buyer is also able to decide on which charitable organizations receive the donated amounts. Buyers are able to choose from organizations such as Child's Play, the Red Cross, Charity: Water and many more. Although this scheme and payment model may seem to leave much room for failure, the opposite is proving to be true: since it was founded in 2010, Humble Bundle has already reported donations of more than $50 million at the end of 2014.

In addition to these charity gaming organizations is Games Done Quick one of the most well-known charitable gaming events. Games Done Quick takes place twice a year, running a live broadcast of the event, throughout which viewers can root for individual Speedrunners who play known games as quickly as possible. Games Done Quick raises money for various charities, the totals of which have been over the years quite impressive. During the January 2016 event, over $1 million was raised. For those who still believe in the cliché of lonely gamers counting headshots in their parents’ basements, they simply must see this incredible community in action at the next charity gaming event.