Scan and check your available PIN value

Just scan the QR code on your voucher to check your total available PIN value.

Scan and keep an overview! Done.

my paysafecard - as mobile as you are

  • Sign up faster on the smartphone.
  • Log in with a fingerprint, username and password or the 2-step login, whichever you prefer.
  • Your transactions at a glance! All you need is your smartphone.


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Find a sales outlet near you.

  • Let your smartphone find your location or enter a postcode, town or address and all the nearby sales outlets will immediately be displayed.
  • Choose your preferred view (Map, List or 3D) and get the route displayed.


to the sales outlet search function

All the functions of the app at a glance

  • my paysafecard: open administration tool, upload paysafecard PINs, get an overview of your balance and transactions, change the settings while you are on the move
  • find a sales outlet - also possible with a smartwatch
  • Stay up to date We will keep you posted about special offers and competitions
  • Use paysafecard: find online shops that accept paysafecard via the app

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