Every new feature and mode you need to know

With each new FIFA, EA Sports tweaks the world's most popular sports simulation. FIFA 22 will be released on 1 October on PS4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC and Google Stadia. Find out what has changed and what new features you can look forward to!

HyperMotion on the current systems

The biggest new feature is the new HyperMotion technology, which allowed the developers to record the movements of 22 players simultaneously for the first time, promising even more authentic gameplay. These nearly 9 million frames will then be processed into new animations with an AI in real time, which is supposed to provide fluid and realistic gameplay.

In addition, the players have all become smarter in both offense and defense. However, you will only find these features in the current versions of the game, i.e. on PS5, Xbox Series S/X and Google Stadia.

Better goalkeepers, faster sprints

Goalkeepers can always be a bit too dumb in FIFA, this time the developers promise a revised goalkeeper system, which is supposed to make for improved decision-making by the "last man" and the "last woman". In addition to revised ball physics, there is now also a new explosive sprint, which unlocks new possibilities in 1v1 duels and offensive tactics.

What’s new in the career

As coach you can now create your own team for the first time. For this you can define name, nickname, league, crest, kits, stadium and of course the team structure of the club itself.

As a player, you first end up on the bench waiting to be substituted by the coach. When the time comes, all eyes are on you, so prove yourself by fulfilling special coaching tasks during a match, thus making a name for yourself and eventually becoming a permanent part of the starting eleven.

With your self-created player you also collect experience points, level up and invest points in a skill tree and for special advantages (for offense, defense, etc.), just like a football RPG.

What’s new in VOLTA

Street football also got some new features in FIFA 22. To encourage extra stylish gameplay, there is now a new skill meter. This fills up when you play with a lot of flair. With risky passes, after winning duels, shots and ball recoveries, you collect flair and fill your skill meter. The higher your skill meter, the more points you score for a goal.

There are also new special abilities and the new mode VOLTA ARCADE. Here you can play event modes on the weekend alone or together with your friends, such as football-tennis.

What’s new in FUT

For FUT, the strong base of recent years has received a few minor improvements. Division Rivals is now structured differently. Win matches to advance in the new levels, ranks and divisions. Victory series accelerate progress and weekly and seasonal bonuses keep the ball rolling (ha!).

The Elite Division is, as the name suggests, for the best FIFA players in the world and therefore one level higher than Division 1. If you make it in here, you can look forward to a permanent place for the rest of the season. If you can keep up here, you should consider taking the leap into professional FIFA esports.

The public coop search is a bit more chill. Here you can find other players online for spontaneous FUT games. New choreos, stadium animations and camera settings round out the new features.