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Secure. Prepaid. Without a bank account / credit card Redeemable in 1000+ games*. Including FIFA22.

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This is what Esports Team NEO & Dylan "DullenMIKE" Neuhausen, worldwide #1 FIFA Xbox player, says: 

To be honest, Team NEO doesn't need paysafecard to win in FIFA. But:

With a free paysafecard account, you can also pay securely with prepaid credits in 1000+ games without a bank account or a credit card. How about FUT points for FIFA22 Ultimate Team?

✓  Securely: without a bank account or credit card
✓  Simply: like a voucher (code on the card)
✓  Fast: Available in shops near you
✓  Flexible: Usable in 1000+ games

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*The availability of partners varies by country.

Everything at a glance:

paysafecard, THE payment method for gamers

  • Prepaid online payments
  • Secure, without credit card details
  • Simple with prepaid code
  • Complete cost control
  • Flexibly redeemable in 1000+ shops such as Steam, PlayStation, Xbox...
  • Available in 600,000+ sales outlets
  • Millions of gamers rely on it
  • Free account to administer prepaid credits

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This is how paysafecard works:

  1. Register for free Create a free paysafecard account in just a few minutes and you can get going at once.
  2. Find a sales outlet Find the nearest sales outlet to you and buy a paysafecard code, available for different amounts.
  3. Top up your account Top up your account with the 16-digit paysafecard code that you bought.
  4. Pay securely Pay simply and securely for your games and in-game items. Just using the login details for your paysafecard account.

And what do the pros say?

  • About paysafecard: "Super simple and secure. You buy a paysafecard for the amount you want and pay online simply with the 16-digit paysafecard." 

    About FIFA22: "Good servers are the key. Above all in the Weekend League."

    Jonas "Pain" Sawera, FIFA Content Creator, Team NEO, favourite footballer: Paulo Dybala

  • About paysafecard: "In my area, I can buy a paysafecard code on every corner. Both in the big food shop and from the little kiosk."

    About FIFA22: "Richly varied content is super important for me as the creator. With respect to gameplay, I want a good balance ."

    Julius "JuliusFGU" Faulhaber, FIFA Content Creator, Team NEO, favourite footballer: Christiano Ronaldo

  • About paysafecard: "It's really nice that with a single paysafecard code, I can pay prepaid almost everywhere on the internet. One can hardly do that with credit vouchers."

    About FIFA22: "A solid meta is important to me, in order to be able to train all year round."

    Dylan "DullenMike" Neuhausen, World's #1 Xbox FIFA Player, professional eNational Player, Team NEO, favourite footballer: Nils Petersen

  • About paysafecard: "You don't have a bank account? Or a credit card? Or you just want to stay secure? Then paysafecard is for you. It makes it really simple and secure to pay online." 

    AboutFIFA22: "As an Esports player, I'd like more tournaments to be able to prove myself. And that way, one can train better too."

    Lennard "xLennyy" Peters, professional FIFA Player, Team NEO, favourite footballer: Kevin De Bruyne 

Frequently asked questions:

  • Neither: paysafecard is a prepaid card. When you buy a paysafecard, you get a receipt showing a 16-digit code. Using this code, you can pay online in a wide variety of shops or games (as with a credit voucher) until the amount is used up. Secure, without bank or credit card details. 

  • 1. Find a paysafecard sales outlet near you.

    2. Buy a paysafecard prepaid code with the amount you want.

    3. Create a free paysafecard account in minutes.

    4. Top up your account credit with the previously-purchased paysafecard code.

    5. Select "paysafecard" as the payment method in the shop of your choice

    6. Pay securely and simply with your paysafecard account login details


    Next time, you only need to top up your credit with your newly acquired paysafecard code and can then pay immediately. 


  • You can buy a paysafecard prepaid code from more than 600,000 sales outlets worldwide. Find the nearest sales outlet in your vicinity: 

  • You can redeem paysafecard prepaid credits flexibly in thousands of online shops and games. These include Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, League of Legends and many more.

    But note: the available partners vary according to the country. Have a look in advance to see which partners accept paysafecard in your country: 

  • In order to set up a free paysafecard account, you need to register here.

    Once you have set up an account, you can top up your credit with paysafecard prepaid codes in order to be able to pay securely in 1000+ games worldwide. And do it securely, completely without a bank account or a credit card.

  • paysafecard works like a credit voucher: You buy a paysafecard code with 16 digits in a shop. You can then pay securely online with the code until the amount is used up. Completely without bank account or credit card details.

    But there are 2 big differences:

    • More ways to use it: Many credit vouchers can only be used in one specific shop. However, using paysafecard you can flexibly pay in 1000+ online shops and games
    • Free account: paysafecard offers a free account to administer your prepaid credit. This gives you an overview of your transactions and enables you to pay more simply, by using your account login details instead of entering a 16-digit code every time.

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