purple icons of a smartphone and a paysafecard voucher. Spotify, PlayStation Store and Steam logos

What to get with a 50 Euro paysafecard code!

Paying with paysafecard is convenient and versatile. You don’t need a bank account or a credit card and you can find the nearest paysafecard sales point here. Did you know that you can use ONE paysafecard code for multiple shops? Just use the code to buy one thing and use the left value to purchase something on a different service! It could not be easier. So now that you do have 50 Euros available, how could you spend them? Well, here are some suggestions for you!

Get a Battle Pass

If you are reading this, you are most likely playing one or some of these games: Call of Duty, Fortnite, Valorant or Apex Legends. These and other huge titles offer hundreds of hours of gameplay - in some cases even for free.

They also offer something called a Battle Pass. It’s a progression system that rewards you every time you play the game. You can unlock new items such as skins, music or virtual pets for example. A Battle Pass is not required to play the game, but unlocking stuff is a lot of fun.

A Battle Pass will cost you about 10 Euros.

A new game on PSN

Yeah, Battle Passes are nice and all, but we all want NEW GAMES. Luckily, you can just use the remaining balance of your paysafecard code in the PSN as well and just browse to your heart's content. Check out the regular sales on PS4 and PS5 to get yourself a full new game or pretty cheap.

20 Euros will get you pretty far if you wait for a sale.

One month of Spotify Premium

Thanks to how versatile paysafecard is, you don’t *need* to spend all your money on games. How about a month of Spotify Premium? You could download and listen to your favourite video game music on the go or take advantage of Spotify’s exclusive podcasts. Perfect shows to listen to while playing some online rounds of FIFA, for example.

One month of Spotify Premium will cost you about 10 Euros.

Get some DLC on Steam

This one is pretty open-ended, deliberately so. You can get DLC on most platforms, but nothing is as vast and diverse as the offerings on Steam. Be it community-driven or official DLC by the developers, on Steam you can enhance your gaming experience in many different ways. Be it new modes, skins or user-created content.

Buy whatever DLC you feel like on Steam for 10 Euros.