One of the female charachters from the game Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire - To victory in 10 minutes

How about a quick round of Battle Royale on your mobile? Garena Free Fire is played by millions, surprises with constant new events and has now also become an eSport. In Europe, it is still relatively unknown, so let's take a look at it.

What is Garena Free Fire?

Free Fire by the developers Garena, from Singapore, is a Battle Royale shooter for Android and iOS. 50 players are dropped onto an island alone or in groups at the beginning of a round. Whoever is still alive after 10 minutes wins.

Weapons, equipment and items that simplify survival are spread out over the island. You can explore the island on foot or with vehicles and get yourself to the safe zone, which is constantly getting smaller. Seek out direct confrontation with the weapons arsenal made up of sniper guns, muskets, frying pans and more. Or lay low and hide in the tall grass until your time has come for the crucial blow.

But what makes Free Fire different from the other Battle Royale games? The biggest feature are the more than 40 characters; each of whom have a specific survival capability. For example, the motorcycle rider, Norotra, heals herself and her fellow combatants when she is sitting at the wheel of a vehicle.

Play Garena Fire simply and securely

Garena Free Fire is available completely free of charge in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. With each new season, in addition to updates, unlockable rewards appear, such as skins, weapons and other cosmetic items. The key to these rewards is the Elite Pass, which you can buy simply and securely in the game with paysafecard.


Garena Free Fire eSports & tips for winning

In May 2022, the Free Fire World Series, the finale of this year's eSports season, is starting, in which the best players and teams in several regions of the world have qualified. But what make a good Free Fire player? Here are a few tips for you to also improve your gameplay.

  • Land quickly on the map
    • Particularly at the beginning of a round of Battle Royale, battles quickly occur, so land as quickly as possible and grab the nearest weapon and equipment 
  • Select your battles carefully
    • You don't need to embark on every battle. It is often the best option to avoid battles and remain hidden. It's better to be safe than sorry.
  • Practise aiming
    • Anyone who can't hit the target won't win. All players of Free Fire play on a mobile phone, so become familiar with the touch controls and practise as much as you can, to fire a shot at the crucial moment.
  • Find your character
    • With more than 40 characters that have their own speciality, there is a huge selection; find the appropriate character for your offensive or more defensive playing style.