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Top Evergreen Games on Google Play

Space on our phone is precious. We’ll download loads of games all the time, but delete most of them after a short while (or annoying push notification). But what about the evergreen games? The titles that haven’t left our phones for months or even years? Let’s take a look!

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Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO became an absolute smash hit during the summer of 2016. Five years later, the developers have added more and more features and, of course, new Pokémon as well. Go for a walk, conquer arenas, fight against the bad Team Rocket or even against other trainers over the internet. There are also new features that allow you to play the game more easily.

Call of Duty: Mobile

There are lots of first-person shooters out there, but Call of Duty (CoD) will always be the king of the genre for many. Fast action, killstreaks and impactful weapons are the hallmarks of the typical CoD gameplay. With Call of Duty: Mobile the series and its iconic maps such as Nuketown, battle royale and new seasons we are still as hooked as we were at launch!

Genshin Impact

Surely you’ve seen the name Genshin Impact pop up somewhere by now, be it on social media or as an ad on YouTube for instance. It’s an open-world anime game with gorgeous graphics and great music. So great, in fact, it could well be a full-price game on a big console. All on your phone! Get ready for new content, characters, regions and more future updates as well!

Clash Royale

Bring the heat in these 1v1 real-time battles against opponents all over the world. Collect cards with all sorts of different unit types to defend your towers while trying to bring down those of your opponent. Better yet, join or start a clan to cooperate and battle enemy clans across the world.

Brawl Stars

In Brawl Stars, two teams of three players compete for jewels. Grab them and stay alive long enough to win. If your opponents eliminate you, you lose all your jewels and they gain the upper hand. So you and your team need to decide who should carry how many jewels to minimise the risk and win.

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra is a trading card game (TCG) developed by Riot Games, the studio behind the massive MOBA hit League of Legends (LoL). There are many TCGs available out there, so why give this one a try? The biggest plus: It’s not pay to win. You can always adapt your strategy dynamically to win the fight.

PUBG Mobile

The original Battle Royale game keeps things fresh with updates and events. Jump on an island with 99 other players and try to survive the longest. Add some fun new modes, map changes and crazy new skins to the mix and you get yourself one of the biggest mobile games out there.

Fire Emblem Heroes

What if you combine the rich history of Nintendo’s turn-based strategy epic Fire Emblem with the capabilities of modern mobile phone and tablet tech? You get Fire Emblem Heroes, a fresh take on the prestigious franchise with a fresh take on its beloved gameplay, completely new characters and a storyline that brings all the iconic heroes together.

Among Us

Work together as a team and solve mini games to repair your ship and win… unless you are the impostor! In that case you have to KILL THE OTHERS or sabotage the repair effort in order to win. There’s nothing sus about why this game is so successful!


The massive hit Roblox is more than just a game. You can play countless creations designed by other users, but also develop your own with the editor. Flex your creative muscles and maybe you will develop the next big Roblox hit!