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 Video game music is so good, it could be on the radio!

When you google video game music you will most definitely get instrumental tracks as first results. And just to be clear, we love instrumental epic video game music! But there’s more to video game music than just big band and orchestra. Let’s celebrate video game tracks so good, they could be played on the radio!

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Devil Trigger (Devil May Cry 5)

Let’s ROCK! Devil May Cry has always stood for some edge and grunge character action. Devil Trigger by Casey Edwards feat. Ali Edwards perfectly encapsulates the gae’s soul with this adrenaline-pumping track we still listen to, years after the game’s release.

Life Will Change (Persona 5)

HYPE! If you don’t feel excited after hearing the intro to this energetic track you should better check your heart rate, because this track is pure fire with its jazzy vibes and heavy emphasis on the electric guitar. Perfect for your workout playlist as well!

Still Alive (Mirror’s Edge)

Yes, there’s another famous video game song with the same name, but our vote for best “Still Alive” goes to the unique action platformer Mirror’s Edge. The understated track works incredibly well with the sterile art design of the game.

Snake Eater (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)

“Ok, Kojima. We need a song for your newest stealth game. Try not to make it too… out there, okay?” Kojima thought long and hard about it, but he knew what he wanted. A full-on James Bond movie soundtrack!

Face My Fears (Kingdom Hearts 3)

Kingdom Hearts has always brought its A-game when it comes to music. The weird combination of Disney and Final Fantasy has been one of the biggest stages for musician Hikaru Utada and her songs. For the newest entry the Japanese music icon worked together with Skrillex to create this weird and yet fitting song.

We All Become (Transistor)

Supergiant Games not only make amazing games (such as multiple Game of the Year winner Hades) but also creates amazing soundtracks to go with them. Bastion, Hades, Pyre or Transistor all feature “radio worthy” music. Go and listen to all the soundtracks, you won’t regret it.

The Poet And The Muse (Alan Wake)

Okay, this one is very cool. Alan Wake is a cool game by itself, but the music has some incredible twist to it. Not only does it sound really nice, it also sums up the game’s plot in the lyrics. Play the game, listen to the music and immerse yourself even deeper into this mysterious gem.

Calling (The World Ends With You)

Oh, I’m sorry, I thought this was a Japanese game about a weird death game in Tokyo or something, and not an ABSOLUTE BANGER OF A SONG that could be played in any cool Berlin nightclub!

Crypteque (Crypt of the Necrodancer)

Speaking of nightclubs, Crypt of the Necrodnacer is a bit like a playable nightclub! Trying to navigate your way through dark corners full of weird creatures with a pumping soundtrack buzzing through your head at all times.

Valse di Fantastica (Final Fantasy XV)

Wait, who switched to the classical music radio station again? Where’s my pop mus- wait, actually, this sounds pretty nice. As does the rest of the soundtrack to this epic road trip RPG.