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Tips & Tricks – Get the most out of your Xbox!

You got yourself an Xbox Series S or Series X and now you want to get everything out of your console? We'll explain how to do it.

Tip 1: Get Game Pass

Game Pass is the Netflix of video games. Every month, new games are released that you can play with a subscription at no additional cost. From AAA hits to indie gems, everything is here. Especially interesting: Microsoft's own games are all released directly on Game Pass. We'll tell you which titles appear and disappear from the service every month.

Tip 2: Stream games

Especially bigger games with AAA graphics take a lot of space on the hard drive. Depending on the title and DLC, this can add up to 50GB to 100GB. If you're a Game Pass subscriber, you can save valuable disk space and time. See an interesting game? Then just stream it and try it out before you decide to download it. Of course, there is always a little delay when streaming, but for many titles like RPGs or single-player games, that's not so bad.

Tip 3: Download the Xbox apps

Microsoft is not only good at hardware, the games giant is also a frontrunner when it comes to software. With the Xbox and Game Pass apps for iOS and Android, you can control your Xbox on the go. Chat with friends and plan the next multiplayer session? Easy. Especially convenient: With the Game Pass app, you can start the download remotely. So after a long day, you can save yourself the waiting time and start playing right away. Or can you use a stable mobile internet connection? Why not just play directly on your phone?

Tip 4: Get more space

Not enough storage space on your SSD? Fortunately, you can easily expand it, and there are several options. The official SSD for the Xbox Series S/X comes from the manufacturer Seagate. It is just as fast as the pre-installed SSD, for a price. Other SSDs are also suitable for transferring games, but only last-gen games can be launched directly from them. The rest of the games have to be copied to the internal SSD first. The cheapest option is an external HDD. They are of course slower, but can store a lot of games for less money.

Tip 5: Chat with Discord

Discord is the most popular chat client for gamers and is finally coming to Xbox in the near future. Connect your Discord account to your Xbox and join the cross-platform voice chats with the mobile app. The next raid is guaranteed to be a success.

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