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Pay with gift cards via paysafecard

No credit card? No problem! Whether you simply prefer to use cash or do not have access to a credit card or bank account, now you can pay on multiple gaming portals and purchase games or in-game assets using cash and gift card at checkout.

How it works

1. Purchase a gift card from paysafecard or any of our retail partner branded cards: CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General, Obucks or  Circle K*

2. Select the ‘Pay With Gift Cards’ button at checkout

3. You will be directed to paysafecard to select your gift card payment method

4. Enter your gift card number and PIN when prompted to  complete your purchase


Convenient: over 60,000+ locations to pay in the U.S.

No fees: no reload, usage or activation fees

Safe:  no banking information needed to pay with cash or gift cards

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*Check your game’s checkout for a list of the specific accepted gift card payment methods.

Over 1,000+ merchants accepting gift cards

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