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Pay cash on the Internet using paysafecard

For online transactions without a bank account or credit card.

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We understand you.

There are often occasions where you don't want to use your bank or credit card details on the Internet.
Credit card data can be stolen. It's easy to lose control of spending. Your own privacy needs to be protected. Or maybe you don't have a bank account / credit card? 

Then paysafecard is your prepaid payment method:
Pay flexibly on 1000+ websites without a bank account or credit card, simply and quickly.

Simple: Without a bank account or credit card
  Easy: top up the account with prepaid codes
  Fast: available in shops near you
  Flexible: usable on 1000+ websites
  Private: like cash, but online

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How paysafecard works:

  1. Registration Set up a paysafecard account in a few minutes online.
  2. Find a sales outlet Find the nearest sales outlet to you and buy a paysafecard code, available for different amounts.
  3. Top up your account Top up your account with the 16-digit paysafecard code that you bought.
  4. Ready for paying Buy games and in-game items super easily, using only your paysafecard account login details.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Pay in cash online
    With a paysafecard account, you can pay online without a bank account or credit card. Simply prepaid.

    You don't need to look for long
    paysafecard has a dense network of more than 600,000 sales outlets worldwide - also in your area.

    Set up an account super quickly
    You can set up a paysafecard account easily online in a few simple steps. It only takes a few minutes.

    Be more flexible with thousands of possibilities
    Compared with other prepaid payment methods, you can redeem paysafecard credit on more than 1000+ websites. 

    Create an account here!

  • You can redeem paysafecard credit on thousands of websites worldwide . For example: Spotify, PlayStation, Steam, Google Play, Uplay, Origin...

    The partners available vary according to the country. You can find an overview of the partners in your country here: 

  • You can get paysafecard in more than 600,000 sales outlets worldwide. Click on this link to find your nearest sales outlet: 

    With this code, you can simply top up your paysafecard account, without a bank account or credit card. You can set up the account for yourself here.

  • To set up a paysafecard account, register here.

    Once you have set up your account, you can top up your account with previously purchased paysafecard codes, in order to pay securely in 1000+ online shops worldwide. And all that completely without a bank account or credit card.

  • With the standard paysafecard account, you can carry out transactions up to 250 EUR each month.

    Would you prefer to have unlimited transaction limits? No problem! You can upgrade your account free of charge to "Unlimited" status at any time. To do this, in the "Limits & Status" menu item, click on "Upgrade status" and follow the steps in the verification process.

    The practical paysafecard account offers lots of benefits for you:

    • simple account registration online
    • top up with the usual 16-digit paysafecard codes
    • easy payment with login details in online shops
    • additional ways to redeem
    • higher payment limits (no limits with the "Unlimited" status)
    • one credit instead of individual codes
    • all your payments in the transaction overview and an overview of your remaining credit always available
    • neither a bank account nor a credit card needed
    • additional security with two-factor authentication

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    Both the use of the paysafecard account and payment using the paysafecard account are basically free. However, the following fees - such as a maintenance fee - may arise.

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