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Paysafe’s eCash products make it possible to make cash-based payments online – easily, conveniently and securely – completely without a bank account or credit card.

The paysafecard product

With the core product paysafecard, the paysafecard account and a prepaid Mastercard®, the company offers multifaceted ways to pay online as with cash. paysafecard is now represented in 60 countries worldwide.


The paysafecard core product works similarly to a voucher for mobile phones. You get paysafecard in one of the 650,000 sales outlets worldwide and pay by entering the 16-digit paysafecard code in thousands of online shops. No personal information or bank details are given during payment, so financial privacy is protected.

Customers can also register for the paysafecard account and administer their purchased credit using an easily-displayed account. Payments can then be made simply with a username and password.

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Paysafecash makes it possible for customers to carry out online transactions and pay in cash in a nearby payment outlet.

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White Label Solutions

paysafecard has over 20 years' experience in the development of Closed-Loop and Semi-Closed-Loop card programmes, which can be conceived as vouchers or gift cards. According to customer requirements, paysafecard can implement a Closed-Loop solution or a Semi-Closed-Loop solution. You can get more information from our sales team.

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