Woman on computer paying securely online with paysafecard.

paysafecard cannot be hacked

Websites which claim to multiply the credit of paysafecard PINs are always attempts at fraud. Never enter paysafecard PINs there!

Do not give any credibility to paysafecard hacks

On various video platforms, but also in forums, social networks or blogs, one can repeatedly find posts which present how one can supposedly hack paysafecard PINs or multiply the credit. In addition, downloads are offered on websites with the help of which it is supposedly possible to multiply the credit of paysafecard PINs.

Warning: Programs and/or websites which claim to be able to hack paysafecard PINs, to generate them or to increase the credit of your 16-digit PINs are always attempts at fraud. Criminals attempt in this way to access the credit on your paysafecard PINs. So never enter your PINs in one of these programs or on one of these websites.

Take particular care, since paysafecard will in such cases not reimburse the credit.

paysafecard points out explicitly in this context that it is impossible to hack paysafecard PINs or to multiply the credit. A paysafecard hack is impossible due to numerous technical security measures.

This is how fraudsters try to get access to your paysafecard PIN credit

Be careful! Criminals mostly approach it like this: in attempts at fraud, you are asked to enter your PIN in a program or onto a website. You are promised that this will increase your paysafecard PIN credit. This is of course false. Rather, the criminals in this way steal your entire PIN credit. 

Do you need more credit? No problem!

Please note that you can only acquire more or new paysafecard PIN credit by buying a new paysafecard in a sales outlet near you or online. There is no other way to get more credit.