[Translate to English:] Frau am Computer zahlt sicher online mit paysafecard.

Use paysafecard securely

Paysafecard is as practical and secure as cash – and of course just as valuable. So treat your paysafecard PINs just as carefully as cash and protect your login data for my paysafecard. Be careful: if you pass on your paysafecard PINs to a third party, you give that person access to the credit that you have already paid.

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Pay only at authorised online shops

Enter your 16-digit paysafecard PINs or your my paysafecard login data only in the payment window of authorised paysafecard online shops.

This is how you recognise an authorised paysafecard online shop:

  • The web address of the payment window starts with "".
  • The security certificate was issued to "". You can check that by clicking on the "padlock" symbol next to or in the input bar of your browser.

If you are unsure whether a website is trustworthy, please contact the paysafecard service team. We will be glad to check for you whether the website is an authorised paysafecard acceptance site before you make the payment.

Buy paysafecard only from official sales outlets

Buy your paysafecard PINs only from official sales outlets You can find them using the paysafecard sales outlet search and the paysafecard app. You can get paysafecard in numerous supermarkets, petrol stations and kiosks. Has the nearest sales outlet closed, or would you prefer not to leave the house? Always buy paysafecard online only from providers recognised by us.

Please note: it is prohibited to sell, trade or acquire paysafecard PINs through unauthorised platforms, such as peer-to-peer exchanges. You should therefore never buy paysafecard on auction platforms such as eBay. Nor should you exchange any paysafecard PINs over websites or forums. This is for your own security, since both the sale of paysafecard PINs on unauthorised websites and exchange deals often have fraudulent intentions. Paysafecard cannot guarantee you that you will get a valid paysafecard PIN there. If you have bought paysafecard PINs in an unauthorised sales outlet or on an online platform, paysafecard cannot offer you any refund. So always use the official paysafecard sales outlets or our official online purchase options.

Store your paysafecard securely

Never pass your 16-digit paysafecard PIN and/or your my paysafecard login details to anyone else. The paysafecard service team will also only ask you for the serial number and never for the full paysafecard PIN. In addition, only give your paysafecard PIN and/or my paysafecard login details only when paying in an official paysafecard acceptance point. 

If the occasion arises: have your PIN credit blocked in good time

If you ever lose a paysafecard or it is stolen from you, you can block your paysafecard PINs here around the clock or call the paysafecard Service Hotline during business hours on +12812206684 (local tariffs apply).

You will need the serial number of the relevant paysafecard in order to block it. The paysafecard service team will advise you on the next steps.

Blocking my paysafecard

If you suspect misuse, you can block your my paysafecard here around the clock or call the paysafecard Service Hotline during business hours on +12812206684 (local tariffs apply).