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paysafecard in Moldova

01 2021 | NEWS

On 13 January 2021 the list of countries offering paysafecard as one of the leading online payment methods extended once again and reached the number of 51! From now on customers in Moldova can enjoy the new secure and easy way to pay with cash for online purchases, particularly in the digital entertainment space.  

paysafecard enables consumers to shop for goods and services online, simply and securely, by using a 16-digit code to complete the payment transaction. It opens up significant possibilities for online shopping for millions of consumers who were previously excluded – either because they don't have a bank account or credit card, or because they don't want to share their bank account details on the internet, often for security reasons.

71 per cent of Moldova’s 3.65 million inhabitants1, use the internet2, with 1.92 million accessing it via a mobile device3. As of 2019, only 14% of the adult population had credit cards and three out of four transactions were paid using cash4.

As such, paysafecard provides an ideal solution for Moldovans to use cash to not only make online purchases conveniently but also join the world of gaming, social media communities, as well as film and music without the need for bank accounts or credit card information. In this way paysafecard automatically drives financial inclusion.

Thanks to a partnership with (, a popular payments and collection network, paysafecard can be bought at over 650 independent vending machines and is offered in five denominations (100, 200, 500, 1,000 and 1,500 Moldovan Leu; 1 euro equates to around 20 MDL).

We’re excited to be launching in Moldova, a country where much of the population is underserved in terms of credit cards and a high number of transactions are made using cash.  paysafecard will enable Moldovans to move their cash online and participate in the online marketplace, easily and securely.”  

Udo Müller


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