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Switch to the Merchant Service Center now!

06 2021 | INSIDE

From 30th July, it will no longer be possible for merchants to use "Admin" to manage their paysafecard accounts. Those who have already switched to the Merchant Service Center (MSC) are now benefiting from lots of new features. This includes, for example, significantly improved user management, which makes it possible to access several of your accounts with just a single login.

At the moment, many merchants are still using "Admin" to keep an eye on account details and reports. Most of them already have the opportunity to try out the much simpler, more varied and clearer functions of the Merchant Service Center (MSC). In any case, the account managers will have to make the switch soon. This is because "Admin" will be discontinued on 30 July. No one need worry about this: the transition to the new administration tool is easy, with a simple login. Here is a brief overview of the three most important functionalities and advantages:


Better User Management

Until now, it was necessary to enter separate login details for each account. With the MSC update, merchants who need to keep track of multiple paysafecard accounts can now call up all accounts assigned to a company by entering a user name and password once. The various reporting functions are then available to users according to the role that a superuser defines for them. They determine, for example, who is allowed to see and evaluate sensitive data such as the transaction or settlement report within the company. By selecting the various accounts at the top of the new interface, you can work much more efficiently and make comparisons much easier.


More test options

Especially at onboarding, it is important to have suitable test options for transactions. In the revised Merchant Service Center, merchants who are already live can now easily view test transactions directly in the MSC. In integration tests for Paysafecash, individual payment processes can even be simulated at the point of sale (POS) with just one click.


Expanded Payout functionalities

In the latest version of the MSC, all Payout details can now be viewed for those accounts for which this functionality has been activated. This of course includes the cumulative amount of all payouts, but also the account balance after deducting all payouts. Besides, merchants can see the credit line that is available to them in accordance with the paysafecard Risk Assessment to settle payouts to paysafecard customers. In addition, a daily limit can be used to check how much money has been paid out to paysafecard customers on a specific day. This means that merchants can now keep a closer eye on their payouts.

Do you want to benefit from these and many other advantages as early as possible or still have questions about switching to the Merchant Service Center?
Contact your Account Manager directly.