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Pay securely online with paysafecard

Paying online with paysafecard is secure. You do not need to give personal data, bank or credit card information and can pay as easily as with cash. Nonetheless, always protect your paysafecard codes and remember our tips for safe payment on the internet. This protects you from unpleasant surprises.

The 5 most important safety rules

Security comes first for paysafecard. Please follow these five important principles, so that you can pay worry-free at any time:

  • Only give 16-digit paysafecard PINs to authorised paysafecard online shops
  • Never pass on 16-digit paysafecard PINs by email or telephone.
  • In the event of suspicious activities in your my paysafecard administration tool: have it blocked immediately.
  • Authorities, institutions, lawyers and courts are not contractually-bound online shops. Regardless of whether by computer or mobile phone: never pay an injunction to settle penalties or overdue fees using paysafecard! 
  • In case of doubt, ask the paysafecard service team.
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Documents about security

Security comes first for us. That is why we have collected here the most important information about secure payments online.

Security Fact Sheet

  • Use paysafecard securely

    paysafecard is like cash. Please be sure to follow our usage tips - then you can always pay online securely and give no opportunity to fraudsters.

  • Fraud attempt reported

    These fraud attempts have already been reported and are known. Find out here how you can protect yourself from them and increase your own security.

  • Proactive protection

    paysafecard warns you against fraud attempts, viruses and trojans. Use our information to identify attempted fraud and learn here how you can always pay online securely with paysafecard.

  • paysafecard cannot be hacked

    There is no way to hack the 16-digit PINs or to multiply PIN credits virtually using generators. Because of numerous technical security measures, a paysafecard hack is not possible. Programs that claim to be able to do this are attempts at fraud.

  • Surf securely online

    Protect yourself in general from internet fraudsters Protect your computer and your personal data.

  • Blocking paysafecard PIN(s)

    In the event of a fraud attempt, you can block your paysafecard PIN(s) around the clock. In this way, your current PIN credit is immediately protected from further attacks.

    Please note: after you block your paysafecard PINs, they can no longer be used for payment! However, you can apply for reimbursement of your current credit.

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Block my paysafecard

The security of my paysafecard has the highest priority. Make sure that only you have access to your email and contact the paysafecard Service Team at once if you notice suspicious activity.

Block my paysafecard